Seven Years War

Austrians and their Allies

One of my hobbies is wargaming. Though I seem to collect figures more than actually game. Currently I'm working on a collection from the Seven Years War (1756-1763), to use with Charles Grant's rules. Things are slowly coming together and below are a few shots of what I have to date.

The figures are all 18mm Eureka.

The Prussians and Allies are HERE

Units are chosen by the colours of their facings or on the appearance of their flags. I'm making no attempt to build a historical order of battle and, as with the assignment of grenadier companies to their battalions and their carrying colours, will bend the "historical rules" for my own purposes. Further additions will include troops from France, Russia, Austria-Hungary and the Holy Roman Empire.

Planned totals- 21 Infantry battalions, 4 grenadier battalions, 2 light battalions- 1379 figures.

8 Heavy cavalry and 2 light cavalry squadrons- 278 figures.

8 batteries- 88 figures, 16 guns and limbers.

50 staff and escorts.

Austrian Contingent

Austria-Hungary 1st Brigade- Salm-Batthanyi Grenadier battalion and 1/ Los Rios Infantry Regiment. I know that the grenadiers didn't carry colours. Mine do.

Austria-Hungary 2nd Brigade- 1/ Lacy and 1/ Haller Infantry Regiments.

Austria-Hungary 3rd Brigade- 1/ Biberstein (Marschall) and 1/ N. Esterhazy Infantry Regiments.

<under construction>

Austria-Hungary 4th Brigade- J. Esterhazy/Macquire Grenadiers and 1/Mercy Infantry Regiment.

Oguliner (left) and Liccaner (right) Croats.

<under construction>

Kuerassiere Brigade- Alt Modena and Gelhay Regiments

Austro-Hungarian Cavalry Brigade-1/Dragoon Regiment Saxe-Gotha, 1/Dragoon Regiment Zweibruecken and 1/Hussar Regiment Kalnocky

Austrian artillery

Russian Contingent

Russian 1st Brigade- 1/Riazanskiy and 1/Rostovskiy Infantry Regiments in winter dress.

Russian 2nd Brigade- 1/Novgorodskiy and 1/Permskiy Infantry Regiments in summer campaign dress.

<under construction>

Russian 3rd Brigade-1/2nd Grenadiers and 1/1st Observation Corps Infantry Regiments in winter dress.

Russian Cavalry Brigade- Rizhskiy Horse Grenadiers and Gruzhinskiy Hussars

Russian artillery

French Contingent

French 1st Brigade- 1/Aquitaine and 1/Prince Louis of Nassau Regiments

French 2nd Brigade- 1/Bretagne and 1/Chartre Regiments

<under construction>

French 3rd Brigade- 1/Wittmer and 1/Lally Regiments

<under construction>

French 4th Brigade- 1/Auvergne and 1/Vierzet Regiments

<under construction>

French 1st Cavalry Brigade- French 4th Brigade- Mestre de Camp General Chevaux Legere and 1/Colonel-General Chevaux Legere Regiments

<under construction>

French 2nd Cavalry Brigade- French 4th Brigade- Prince Clermont Chevaux Legere and Royal Dragoon Regiments

<under construction>

French artillery

Holy Roman Empire Contingent

Reich Auxilliary Brigade- 1/ Morawitsky (Bavarian) Infantry Regiment and 1/Spitnass (Württemberg) Infantry Regiment.

<under construction>

"Blau" Würzburg/ Wildenstein Grenadiers