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Artist's Statement and Profile

My thoughts as a Textile Artist:

Being a textile artist is a passion that takes over my mind every minute of the day.

Bed quilts were my first interest. I wanted to design all these beautiful, individual and original images that would fill our bedrooms with colour and beauty.

Then I started dreaming of creating landscapes. To try to reproduce the world around us in textiles, with fabrics, textures, embroidery, etc, replacing the brush and paint, a task that would prove to be a challenge, but very fulfilling and exciting.

Living in country Western Australia I kept away from what was happening elsewhere, walking the learning road very much by myself, becoming virtually self-taught, the hard way! In 1993 after joining the Western Australian Quilters Association, I met my very dear friend Wendy Lugg, a very successful Western Australian Textile Artist. She opened my eyes to a new world, introducing me to The Australian Forum for Textile Arts and all its wonderful members; Fibre Artists in such a vast variety of fields, the warmest, most caring and generous group of people anyone could meet.

Since then, it has been exciting to share thoughts and ideas, and to find out what is going on in other parts of the country, as TAFTA is a fountain of knowledge for anyone craving information and contact with artists from all over the country and overseas.

Attending Fibres West, a textile forum organised by TAFTA, would have to count amongst the most exciting and rewarding times in my life. The amount of lifetime friends and acquaintances that develop from every forum, the warmth and sincere willingness to share experiences and the unforgettable memories we take with us, will stay with me forever.

In the last few years I feel that I have developed and grown artistically. As it happens to all of us, our paths constantly change and we start to find our way, while we evolve and discover the direction we prefer our style to take.

I really love 3-dimensional work, which means that my pieces take a long time to make and a lot of the work is done by hand. Fabric printing and painting, machine embroidery and a series of techniques applied according to each individual piece, make the finished artworks fairly complex and intricate.

My biggest love in nature is for the sea and its inhabitants. The different blues, especially turquoise in its many shades, seem to attract me, and that is what I try to reproduce in my work. I like to create works that will capture the eye and draw people to them, with high contrasts and usually a strong focus on the main subject. The movement and colour of water and foam is one of my favourite themes, and when I am designing my thought always goes back to those elements.

That is why, although I want to represent a vast variety of wildlife, at the moment I am working on a group of works that I call my "ocean series".

Marta Ramirez


While growing up in Argentina, art was a big part of my life from my early years to my twenties. I used to draw and paint non-stop, attending classes with several private tutors.

After my arrival in Australia in 1982 I discovered the world of quilts, and the possibility of developing my love of art through textiles.

At the same time I realised that the Australian landscape and unique wildlife offered me an infinite source of inspiration.

Since then, it has been a road of learning, exploring and experimenting in all aspects of appliqué, fabric painting and printing, free machine embroidery, and a vast variety of techniques that I apply to my work. I have also run workshops for seven years, which provided me with great knowledge and ideas.

I now dedicate every spare moment to my wall quilts and framed textile landscapes. I have been exhibiting since 1994, taking part in several major exhibitions.

My work is very realistic, as I try to reproduce the incredible beauty of our surroundings and its inhabitants to the best of my abilities, paying special attention to detail and keeping as true to life as possible.

Techniques Used:





               -Stained Glass


Crazy Strip Piecing

Fabric Painting

Fabric Printing

Silk Fabric (Paper) Making

Satin Stitch

Free Machine Embroidery

Hand Embroidery

Wool Punch Embroidery


Hand and Machine Quilting



1991, 1992, 1993 - Kojonup Wildflower Weekend Crafts Exhibition

1994 - Kojonup Patchwork & Quilt Exhibition

1994 - York Art & Craft Awards

           Popular Choice Award Winner - Piece: Whale Dream

1995 - Art Craft Expo'95

1995 - Talk to the Animals EXPO

1995 - Artists in Action - Kojonup

1995 - Works in long term display at:

           Accent Gallery - Subiaco

           Extravaganza Gallery - Albany

1996 - City of Wanneroo Art Awards

1996 - Art Craft Expo'96

1996 - Portraits of The Sea - Underwater World - Perth

1996 - Kojonup St Bernards School Art Exhibition

1996 - Works in long term display at:

           Extravaganza Gallery - Albany

           Katanning Club - Katanning

1997 - Art Craft Expo'97

1997 - Kojonup Wildflower Weekend Quilt Exhibition


1996 - Sept/Oct Issue HOMES & LIVING MAGAZINE

1996 - Issue #5 DOWN UNDER QUILTS

1997 - Nov Issue TAFTA Magazine

1998 - Issue #40 DOWN UNDER QUILTS

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