I often ask people when I first meet them "What do u want to be, when u grow up (regardless of their age) ?" The answers I get r often; "Rich, own my own home, raise a family live in a nice area", have not yet had any one say happy or content?

This web site I feel may be of value for those who r looking for something more than just job satisfaction, material security &/or status?

My name is Alan Ladd, I live in the Northern Rivers region of north coast NSW. Was once a successful business person, though found money etc., did not make me happy or liberate my mind from the continual need to find reason or an end point that would equate to happiness.

Many years ago started doing a process commonly referred to as "Performance Art". U may wonder what is 'Performance Art'? To me this is where performance does not require an audience.

My performance includes wearing costume taboo for men. If u find it appeals to your sense of amusement? Then show your appreciation by a smile if not ? Ignore me.

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