Conform / non-conform
in northern N.S.W. Australia

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conform, nonconform, emotional, boundaries,  stress, self esteem, dress code

During the year I often wear costume or get involved in events where costume is of value, though occasionally set up an event where I create a mind exercise for the passing traffic, often I use marketing sales approach to creating a novel "garage sale", by creating anything up to 100 X A3 & some times A4 signs to lead people on a supported exploration ending up at a well organized "garage sale". These sales r set up with free tea & coffee etc.

This July 2016 will be organizing an event using what appears to be random signs (spaced from 100m to 500m apart on the side of the road) that will lead traffic from Bexhill 2480 to Booyong 2480, (approximately 15klm.) Date yet to be set depending on weather? Will list the date (in the first week of July 2016) on this page if u want to see what happens???

The event I am going to create, will be a one day happening, designed to select people of a certain mind set, who will be curiosity as to what & who is at the end of the trail of signs?

The signs will usually only have one to three word each (being very visible) & some signs will have question mark "?" only, examples of signs; "happiness", "curiosity", "?", "?", "?", "Marketing", "Sales", "?", "?", "Psychology", "?", "Philosophy", "?", "Stress", "?", "Boundaries", "?", "@ Booyong", "?", etc. Signs will lead people to my house in Booyong 2480 for tea &/or coffee, hopefully enjoy the scenery as well as interesting discussion?

The date for this event (assuming the weather is favourable ie not wet or very windy?) Change of date to 24th July (due to possible wet weather on 17th July) 2016.

Signs will stretch from Bexhill NSW shops to Booyong NSW, all welcome.