Conform / non-conform
in northern N.S.W. Australia

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conform, nonconform, emotional, boundaries,  stress, self esteem, dress code

Some people would say this is "Mid-life Crisis", if so then bring it on.

I decided to break the social taboos of clothing associated with identity - wearing clothes that were taboo for men? Example wearing pyjamas when going shopping or mixing garments associated with women & men's fashions to see how I felt?

The end result of this exploration has led me to formulating a process commonly referred to as "Performance Art".

The concept of Conformity vs. nonconformity for me, is very pivotal in the psychology of being a free thinking human, as opposed to a stressed out member of a heard.

I choose to take on a specific area of nonconformity such as questioning "dress code?

By taking on this area of non-conformity, I believe have found one of the most profound addictions controlling modern society?

The addiction is; 'Believing that what other people think of me? Is more important that what I feel about myself'. An example of this; can be demonstrated by asking yourself how would I feel when walking down the street wearing blood red coloured shoes & green hat which do not match style or colour to what others r wearing? Am sure u would be very self conscious rather than comfortable. This is the result of conditioning, not healthy self acceptance.

To me this behaviour, that I call 'an addiction' ('Believing that what other people think of me? Is more important that what I feel about myself') appears to be the basis of Psychological Stress, just an observation?

Have for many years asked myself when stressed, who or what am I trying to please?