A long time ago, when the world was a lot younger, I was lucky enough to attend a Gould League camp at the Bickley Reservoir. There I learnt several facts which have stayed with me over half a century. The call of the Pallid Cuckoo, that a Red Wattlebird is mostly speckledly brown and the glorious colour of the Splendid Wren. Because of this limited knowledge I make no claims to ornithological expertise.

Now, as I travel around Western Australia I sometimes get a chance to photograph birds. If it isn't a crow, magpie, mudlark, seagull or willy wagtail I get excited because it is something different. On this site are the birds I have been able to recognise and photograph. Or vice versa as the case may be.

Not being an expert ornithologist all the identifications have been made with the aid of The Field Guide to Australian Birds (Michael Morcombe) and A Field Guide to the Birds of Western Australia (by GM Storre & RE Johnstone)

At the moment, I am lucky enough to live and work in the Rudall River National Park. I have been unable to find a photographic record of birds of the area on the 'net so here is my personal record of

Birds of the Rudall River National Park

Of course there are birds which I have been unable to identify because of poor photography, bad light or other problems.

They are here at the "Unknown" page

Waterbirds, Waders, etc.

Pacific GullPelicansPied Cormorant
Black-Tailed Native HenSilver GullWhite Faced Heron
Eurasian CootCrested TernBlack Swan
Ningaloo Sooty OwlCaspian TernWhite-Fronted Tern
Great EgretBlack-Necked StorkLittle Black Cormorant
Black-Fronted DotterelBlack DuckAustralian White Ibis
Pied Oyster CatcherDarterAustralian Wood Duck
Little Pied Cormorant


Nankeen KestrelWedge-Tailed EaglePeregrine Falcon
Little Eagle


Laughing KookaburraBlue-Winged KookaburraRed-Backed Kingfisher
Rainbow Bee-eater

Butcherbirds, etc.

MagpieGrey ButcherbirdBlack Faced Cuckoo-Shrike


Australian Ring-Necked ParrotMajor Mitchell's CockatooLittle Corella
Rainbow LorikeetBlack CockatooBudgerigah
CockatielWestern Rosella

Insect eaters

Willy WagtailWelcome SwallowTree Martin
Rufous Whistler

Honeyeaters and Finches

White Plumed HoneyeaterZebra FinchesSinging Honeyeater
Yellow Throated Miner


Diamond DoveCrested PigeonFeral Pigeon
Peaceful DoveLaughing Turtledove

Big Birds

EmuAustralian Bustard

I have not included any Rudall River photographs in this part of the site.

Should you notice any errors, or have any comments, please email me,

John McLennan