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I am lucky enough to live within the Rudall River National Park at a community named Punmu (22S, 123E) on the northern edge of Lake Dora. Here are some of the birds I have been able to photograph. Not many pictures are of great quality but hopefully on most pages there is enough to fully identify the subject. Many of these photographs were taken in my front yard where I set up a sprinkler which created a semi-permanent puddle under some trees. This seemed to be a bird magnet during the hot season when it was one of the few water sources available.

I have seen a number of other birds which I have been unable to photograph including Owls, Ducks and Parrots

budgerigahAustralian BustardCrimson Chat
CrowGalahTree Martin
Little EagleMudlarkQuail
Peregrine FalconRainbow Bee EaterSpinifex Pigeon
Wedgetail EagleWilly WagtailZebra Finch
Black-Faced WoodswallowBlack Shouldered KiteWhite Plumed Honeyeater
Australian PipitBlack-fronted DotterelMasked Wood Swallow
Black-Faced Cuckoo ShrikeSinging Honey EaterBrown Honeyeater
A Honeyeater Mix

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