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But What Can I Write About?

This is not a 'How to...' of any kind, but is more of a grab-bag of ideas to use for writing. It isn't going to tell you how to write any particular type of story or poem or anything else, or how to go about writing. And it most certainly is not a guide on where and how to SELL your writing.

Most of these I have thought up myself, but some come from the writing groups with which I have been associated, or from other sources. They are grouped in categories for convenience. Some are suitable for children (of varying ages). It is possible to make a selection from several different categories and use them for a story framework, much in the way that my teaching aid for creative writing STORIES UNLIMITED works. (Published by Wizard Books, Ballarat, 1994) Or you might prefer to develop just one of them in a way you yourself choose.

There are neither rules nor instructions in here, just a whole lot of topics. Hopefully at least one will be the trigger to writing that you require. There may be some duplication. Most can be adapted for whichever purpose you have in mind. They may be used for oral work, drama or even art.

They can be used by individuals or writing groups, for schools, for adult education and some may even be useful for ESL classes. The possibilities are more or less bounded only by your own wishes and needs. Some of them (characters, especially) may at first appear to be clichés or stereotyped images - but you can always twist them around so they are anything but that! Use your imagination and remember appearances aren't everything.

Many may even sound familiar - you may have encountered similar types of characters in other people's stories - but you can develop them differently, for fun. And don't limit yourself to stories - try poems, articles, scripts for drama - anything at all!

Choose in any way you wish, either by reading the lists and selecting something you fancy, or by making a random selection (i.e. with a pin!) Some, of course, will not be Politically Correct - but then, it is not the function of creative writing to be politically correct, is it? Some do have the potential for unpleasantness; the flavour of your writing is entirely up to you and what you want to create from the situation, characters etc.

Most importantly - have fun!

Fictional Characters
And More Characters
Really Imaginary Characters
More Situations
Words to Use