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Maths Stuff

Ugg, the Caveman Who Could Count

Times Tables-

Tim and Tam Can do the Twos!
Those Terrible Threes!
Fred and Frog and the Fours
Fred and Frog Learn Their Fives
Sam and Sue do the Sixes!
Sam and Sue go on to the Sevens
Alice and Andy Tackle the Eights
Andy and Alice move on to the Nines
Tim and Tam do the Tens

We're Not Cute and Cuddly-

Brakkie the Vampire Bat
Hekkel the Hyena
Kack the Cockroach
Shriek the Shark
Slither the Carpet Snake
Splat the Red Back Spider

Writing Stuff-

The Absolutely Awful Apostrophe

Horrible Homophones

Writing Journal- Information for Teachers, Students and Parents
Writing Journal

Science Stuff

A is for Andromeda