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Stephanie and the Bright Red Vintage Car

This story is sort of true, because something like this really happened, a long time ago.
But it has been changed a bit and added to a bit, and names have been made up,
so it really is a story and not just me telling you something that happened.


Once upon a time there was a lady called Stephanie. She lived in a little town a long way from Perth. She lived at one end of the town and at the other end of the town was a swimming pool. It was a big swimming pool. Everyone in the town would go swimming there in the summer time.

Why didn't they go to the beach? It was because they were such a long way from the beach that it would take them half a day to get there, and half a day to get home again.

That's too far to go just for a swim! So they would all go to the big swimming pool at the other end of the town. It was a wonderful swimming pool!

There was a big pool, for people to have swimming races in.

There was a little pool, for the little kids to play in and splash water around and have fun.

And there was a little pool that was deep, for people to dive into off the diving boards.

Stephanie loved to go for a swim every day in the hot weather.

She drove an old car. It was a Vintage car. A Vintage car is very, very old. Stephanie's car was bright red. Everyone in the town knew it belonged to her.

People would wave to Stephanie when she drove her bright red Vintage car along the street. Old people would wave to her. Ladies would wave to her. Boys and girls would wave to her. Everyone would wave to Stephanie. She was a nice lady. Everyone in the town knew Stephanie and they all liked her.

One afternoon Stephanie decided she would like to go for a swim in the pool. It was very hot and so she got into her bright red Vintage car and started off towards the pool.

She hadn't gone very far when she saw a little boy walking along the side of the road. He was wearing his bathers and carrying a towel. He was going to the swimming pool. But it was such a hot day he would be very hot by the time he got there.

Stephanie knew the little boy. His name was Tom. Tom knew Stephanie, too. When she stopped her car and said he could have a ride he climbed into the bright red Vintage car. He got into the back. A little bit further along the road Stephanie saw two little girls walking towards the swimming pool. They were twins. Their names were Sue and Mary. They were wearing bathers and carrying towels.

Stephanie asked Sue and Mary if they wanted to ride to the swimming pool in her bright red Vintage car. Of course they did, so they climbed in, too. They got into the back of the car. Tom did not like girls. He sat right over on one side of the back seat. Mary and Sue sat right over on the other side. They didn't like boys!

Now there were four people in the car. Three children and Stephanie.

A little bit further along the road Stephanie stopped again. In got Jack and Jill. They got into the back seat, too. It was a big seat. They sat in the middle. Jack sat next to Tom. Jill sat next to Mary.

Now there were six people in the car. Five children and Stephanie.

Before she got to the pool in her bright red Vintage car Stephanie stopped again - and again - and again! Every time she opened the car door some more kids got in!

By the time she got from the end of the town where she lived to the other end where the pool was, her bright red Vintage car was full! There were kids on the back seat and kids on the front seat. And there was Stephanie. She was driving very carefully, because there were so many people in her car.

This happened a long time ago, you know. Nowadays people are just not allowed to drive in a car unless everyone has a proper seat belt and it is done up. It is really very dangerous to drive with so many people in a car. But Stephanie was driving very carefully. She didn't go fast and she looked where she was going. She knew she had to be VERY careful with so many precious children in her car.

To tell the truth, Stephanie's bright red vintage car never did go very fast. It COULDN'T go very fast!

Finally the bright red Vintage car, loaded with children, stopped in front of the town swimming pool. Some people were standing outside, waiting to go inside. They looked at Stephanie's car when it pulled up.

One of the people looking at the car was the town policeman. He was big and tall and fat and strong. NOBODY was bad when HE was around!

He looked at Stephanie's bright red Vintage car. He looked as the door opened and the children all got out. He counted them as they got out of the car and went into the swimming pool. He didn't believe his eyes!

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen - sixteen kids! And Stephanie. She smiled at him. He was standing there with his mouth wide open. He had NO idea you could get THAT MANY children into such a little old car!

Even if they were little kids!

Stephanie thought it was funny. The kids thought it was funny, too.

They all enjoyed their afternoon swim.

But afterwards, the kids all walked home. Stephanie really did not think she could fit them all in again. She was also very fond of her bright red Vintage car. She didn't mind having lots of kids sitting in it if they were on their way to the swimming pool. But afterwards they would all be wet. She didn't want dripping wet children sitting on the seats in her car.

Stephanie also thought it might not be a good idea to carry sixteen kids in her car again. The policeman might not think it was so funny the second time!