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Monster the Cat

Monster the Cat

Wendy is a witch. She lives in a little tiny house in the middle of the forest. She has a cat and a dog and a bird and some chickens.

The bird is a crow and he is two hundred and ten years old! His feathers are black and shiny. His beak is sharp and pointed. But he is an old crow and cannot bite! He has to eat porridge and soup. He cannot catch tiny animals to eat.

The bird is a crow and he is two hundred and ten years old! His feathers are black and shiny. His beak is sharp and pointed. But he is an old crow and cannot bite! He has to eat porridge and soup. He cannot catch tiny animals to eat.

His name is Crackers the crow. Crackers the crow sits by the window and tells Wendy the witch when he can hear anything in the forest. Crackers is old and grumpy and he cannot hear very well. He is so old he cannot fly very well either. He jumps down from the window ledge and hops across the floor when he wants to tell Wendy the witch anything.

Crackers the Crow

Crackers the crow cannot fly, and he cannot bite food or catch his dinner, but he can talk! And he does not like cats. But nobody likes the witch's cat. Not even Wendy the witch really likes her cat. But she is too kind hearted to get rid of it. And besides, nobody else would want to have the witch's cat. She is a horrible animal.

The witch's cat is fluffy and black and very sneaky. She has long whiskers and sharp ears and she thinks she can hear much better than Crackers can. She is very bad tempered and likes to catch little mice and bite their heads off. She is very nasty. The witch's cat is called Monster. She really is a monster! Monster does not like Crackers and Crackers does not like Monster. Monster would like to sneak up and eat Crackers but she knows that if she does that Wendy will be very angry with her.

If Wendy the witch gets really angry she might turn Monster into a frog. She would not like that! Once when Wendy was angry with Monster she turned her into a frog for three weeks. She had to eat flies. They tasted so awful she nearly starved. It is not very easy to catch flies! Cats use their tongues to wash themselves and Monster really hated having to use her tongue to catch flies and other horrible bugs. That is how frogs catch bugs and flies for their dinner.

Monster the Frog

The dog is old and fat. He is black and white and brown. He likes to lie on the mat near the door and sleep all day. He likes to sleep all night, too! His name is Sleepyhead. He really is a sleepyhead! Sleepyhead does not do anything except sleep and eat. He snores in his sleep and sometimes he dreams about chewing bones or chasing cats up trees. And he smells! Sometimes he smells so bad that Wendy has to give him a bath. He usually goes to sleep in the washtub.

Wendy does not look like a witch. She is short and fat and she smiles a lot. She has red hair and green eyes and she is pretty.

But she does have a wart right on the end of her nose! And she always wears a long black dress and black boots and a pointy black hat. (Under the long black dress all of her underwear is frilly and lacy and bright bright red! She wears pink socks.)

Wendy the Witch

Wendy the witch likes to cook. She makes cakes and biscuits and wonderful soup and stews! Crackers the crow loves her soup. He cannot eat anything else. Monster the cat likes Wendy's stews, but she wishes she would put some nice fat mice or little birds into the stew. Sleepyhead does not care what Wendy gives him to eat, just as long as she does give him something to eat every day! Wendy usually has to wake Sleepyhead up for his food. Sometimes he goes to sleep while he is eating it.

One day Wendy was making a sponge cake. Her sponge cakes taste absolutely wonderful! She puts cream on top of them and then she puts lots of strawberries on the cream. Monster does not like sponge cake, but she does like cream. Crackers likes the cream, but he likes strawberries too.

Sleepyhead was lying near the door. He was sleeping. (Of course!) Crackers was sitting on the window ledge. He was watching Wendy, but he was also looking out of the window. He was watching Monster. Monster was watching a little bird that was sitting on the branch of a big tree. Monster was thinking the little bird would make a nice snack until Wendy was ready to put the cream on top of the sponge cake.

Monster started to climb up the tree so she could catch the little bird and eat it.

When Crackers saw what Monster was going to do he jumped up and down on the window ledge and screeched. The little bird heard him, but did not know why Crackers was screeching. He thought the old black crow was jealous because he could not sing like the little bird. He turned his back on Crackers and kept singing.

Monster climbed a little higher in the tree.

Monster after a little Bird

Crackers screeched again, but the little bird did not take any notice of him.

Monster got to the branch where the little bird was sitting and singing.

"Wendy, Wendy! Monster is trying to catch a little bird!" Crackers screeched. Wendy was busy making her cake but she hurried over to the window. She saw what Monster was trying to do. She was on the branch where the little bird was sitting and she had started creeping out along it.

Wendy put her head out of the window.

"Monster!" she shouted. "Don't you dare eat that little bird, you great big bully of a cat! I'll turn you into a frog again!"

Monster jumped when she heard Wendy's voice. She jumped so high she nearly fell out of the tree. The little bird saw her and heard Wendy's voice and flew away. Monster sat on the branch and tried to pretend she had not been going to catch the little bird for a snack. She washed her face and paws and tried to look like a cute little kitten. She pretended she was really a nice little pussycat.

But she did not trick Wendy. Wendy knew what a horrible cat Monster really was. She was pleased that Crackers the crow had saved the little bird from being a snack for Monster.

"Clever Crackers! You saved the little bird from being eaten by that horrible cat! Good Crackers! Bad Monster!"

Sleepyhead had not seen any of this. Sleepyhead had not heard any of this. He was still sound asleep. (Of course!)

When Wendy had finished making her sponge cake she put some cream on top of it. She put some strawberries on the cream and then she left the cake on the table while she went outside to feed her chickens.

While Wendy was outside feeding her chickens Monster came inside. She saw the sponge cake on the table. She saw the cream on the sponge cake. She jumped up onto the table and was just about to start eating the cream when Crackers sneaked up behind her and grabbed her tail in his claws.

Crackers could not bite his food, but he got a good hold of Monster's tail with his sharp old claws.

Ouch! It really hurt. Monster yowled in pain. Crackers let go of her tail and laughed. Then he quickly jumped down from the table and hopped across the floor to get back up on to the window ledge.

Monster was very very cross. First Crackers had made a lot of noise so she could not catch the little bird. Then he had sneaked up behind her and grabbed her poor tail with his sharp old claws. They were probably all dirty, too. She was really mad at him. She ran after him. She jumped up onto the window ledge and was just about to grab him in her sharp teeth when Wendy the witch came back inside.

"No, Monster!" she shouted. "Bad, bad, bad, bad cat! Get out!" And she chased the cat outside with a broom.

Poor Monster! She was very cross. She had missed out on the little bird and she had missed out on the cream on the cake. She ran away into the forest to hide and think about how mean Wendy and Crackers were to her. It was just not fair that she was not allowed to catch little birds for snacks and gobble up all the cream on the cake. Not fair at all! They were so mean to her. She would make them all very sorry for that.

In the forest Monster found a dragon. It was big and hungry and looked very fierce, but it was not a very smart dragon. Its name was Drambo the dragon.

Monster told Drambo how mean Wendy and Crackers had been to her. She told Drambo that it would be a good thing if he came back and ate up Crackers, and blew flames out of his mouth to burn up Wendy's little house in the middle of the forest. Monster told the dragon that Wendy and Crackers would taste really delicious.

Monster and Drambo

Monster even told Drambo he could eat up old Sleepyhead if he wanted to. That was very nasty of Monster. Sleepyhead had never done anything awful to her. He had never even chased her, not once. (He was too lazy to chase cats up trees.)

Monster had not told Drambo the truth. She had said how horrible Wendy and Crackers were, but she had not told Drambo what she had done to make them cross with her. Oh, no, she would not tell the dragon that she was in trouble because she had tried to eat the little bird and steal the cream of the cake! No way!

Drambo was big and strong and hungry, but he was not a very clever dragon. He followed Monster back to Wendy's house. Then he sat down to have a little rest until he could catch and eat Wendy and Crackers and Sleepyhead. Monster was very pleased with herself that she had tricked Drambo so easily. She thought he was a really stupid dragon.

Monster thought every animal that was not a cat was stupid. And she thought a lot of animals that were cats were stupid, too. She thought she was very very clever. She even thought she was smarter than Wendy. She KNEW she was much smarter than Drambo. Dragons were not all that very bright creatures, after all.

But Drambo was not as stupid as Monster thought he was! He was not very clever, but he was not stupid.

Monster had forgotten all about how clever Crackers was, too!

Crackers was sitting on the window ledge when he heard Monster in the forest. Monster was talking to someone. She was talking to Drambo. Crackers jumped down from the window ledge and hopped across the ground in front of the house. He hopped into the forest. He almost jumped out of his feathers when he saw a big, hungry looking dragon sitting down in the forest and looking at Wendy's little house.

Crackers hurried back to the house as fast as he could hop and jump. He ran inside and told Wendy there was a dragon in the forest. A big, hungry looking dragon. She only laughed at him.

"Don't be silly, Crackers! There are no such things as dragons! You've been reading too many fairy stories!"

"Oh, have I?" squawked Crackers. "Well, then, just look out of the window and tell me what you can see!"

Wendy laughed as she went to look out the window. When she saw the big, hungry looking dragon in the forest she stopped laughing.

"Whoops!" she said. "You are right, Crackers. Dragons are real! That one is real, anyway. And I think that he wants to eat us all up!"

"Heh, heh!" laughed horrible Monster, when she saw Wendy and Crackers at the door. "Look, Drambo, there's your dinner!"

Drambo came out of the forest. He started to walk towards Wendy's little house. He was big and heavy and when he moved the ground shook.

Sleepyhead asleep in the Tub

Sleepyhead was having a dream. It had been a nice dream, about bones and dishes of stew and comfortable places to sleep. But then he started dreaming about earthquakes. He woke up. He opened one eye and looked at the dragon. It was big and fierce and hungry, but Sleepyhead was not afraid of it. He was almost always asleep, but he was a brave dog.

Sleepyhead was not going to let anything eat up Wendy and Crackers. (He really didn't mind if Monster got eaten up.)

Sleepyhead jumped up and ran towards the dragon. He snarled and barked and showed all his teeth. He had a lot of sharp pointed white teeth. Drambo stopped and looked at him. He was afraid of this animal. He had never seen a dog before.

Sleepyhead jumped up and down and ran around Drambo and barked some more. He hadn't had so much exercise for years!

"Don't be silly!" cried Monster. "It's only a dog! Dogs are useless! You can have him for a little snack before you eat the others! Come on, eat up him!"

But Drambo stopped and sat down and looked at the dog. He could see Wendy the witch and Crackers the crow inside the little house. He could hear Monster telling him what to do. Then Drambo knew that the cat had tried to trick him into eating up the witch and the dog and the bird because she did not like them.

Drambo did not want to eat up the dog and the witch and the crow. But he thought maybe it would be a good idea to eat the cat. He looked at Monster again and licked his lips. He blew a little flame out of his mouth. The cat would taste even better if he roasted it a bit first. Monster started to get afraid. Drambo was supposed to eat Wendy and Crackers, not her!

She arched her back and spat at the dragon. That only made Drambo cross. He did not like having anyone spit at him. He thought it was a very rude and nasty and horrible and dirty and disgusting thing to do. He made a loud dragon noise and got ready to jump upon Monster.

Wendy was very kind hearted. She felt sorry for the dragon because she could see it was hungry. She knew that Monster had tricked it into trying to eat her and Crackers and Sleepyhead. She was very soft hearted and she even felt sorry for Monster. She ran and grabbed her magic wand and waved it at the dragon.

She used a magic spell and turned Drambo the dragon into a big grey cat.

Then she waved her magic wand at Monster and turned HER into a little bird. Monster was horrified and scared. She was sure that some horrible big ugly hungry cat would come along and eat her if she wasn't careful. She flew away.

Wendy and Crackers and Sleepyhead went up to Drambo, who was sitting looking at his tail. It was not long and scaly and green any more. It was thick and soft and fluffy. He looked at his legs. They were not green and scaly any more.

They were fluffy and grey, but he was pleased to see that he still had claws. He did not know what had happened to him. He was frightened. He tried to make a dragon roar but all he could manage was "Miaow, miaow."

Wendy looked at him and smiled. She ran inside and brought out a mirror so Drambo could see himself. Drambo stared. He really was a very good looking cat. He was big and grey and very dignified looking. He decided he might like being a cat. It was certainly better than having knights in armour trying to stick horrible sharp swords into him, just so they could show off to pretty young princesses and greedy kings. He rubbed himself up against Wendy's feet and purred.

Drambo the Cat

Then he followed her inside the house, where he lapped up a big saucer of milk and ate some chicken stew. It was yummy! Much nicer than knights toasted in their battle armour.

Crackers was not sure if having a cat who used to be a dragon around was a good idea or not. He crept up behind Drambo and screeched at him.

"Just you remember she can turn you back into a dragon any time she wants to! And remember that I am not dinner! Then we might get along all right together. Maybe. Perhaps. If you behave yourself."

Drambo turned around and looked at Crackers. He showed the crow his teeth. They were not dragon teeth any more, but they were still big and sharp and white. Drambo was going to like being the witch's cat, but he was not going to let some bad tempered old crow boss him around!

Crackers jumped up onto the window ledge and looked out the window.

Outside on a branch there was a little bird sitting and singing. It was Monster. "Look, cat," said Crackers. He pointed at the little bird. "Dinner!" "Oh, no," said Wendy. "You are not allowed to chase birds." She laughed. "Even if they are birds that used to be cats." And she fastened a red ribbon with a bell on it around Drambo's neck. Then she went to her cupboard and found a very big and very delicious bone for Sleepyhead to chew on. He took it outside and lay down and started chewing on it. When she looked at him five minutes later he was sound asleep, but his paws were holding the bone. Wendy was very happy. Sleepyhead really was a hero. He had saved her and Crackers from being dragon food.

And of course they all lived happily ever after!

(Except for Monster, who got eaten by a big ginger tomcat!)

the end

(especially for Monster!)

The illustrations for this story were drawn by
My friend Yvon Hintz
You can visit her website by clicking on in Links