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Sliding Windows.


Sliding Windows that open wide for maximum ventilation

Aluminium Sliding Windows. Standard Sizing Data
Brick Size 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Frame Size 490 730 970 1210 1450 1690 1930 2170 2410 2650 2890 3130
6c 514 6/2T1 6/3T2 6/4T2 6/5T2 6/6T2 6/7T2 6/8T2 6/9T2 6/10T3 6/11T3 6/12T3 6/13T3
7c 600 7/2T1 7/3T2 7/4T2 7/5T2 7/6T2 7/7T2 7/8T2 7/9T2 7/10T3 7/11T3 7/12T3 7/13T3
8c 686 8/2T1 8/3T2 8/4T2 8/5T2 8/6T2 8/7T2 8/8T2 8/9T2 8/10T3 8/11T3 8/12T3 8/13T3
11c 943 11/2T1 11/3T2 11/4T2 11/5T2 11/6T2 11/7T2 11/8T2 11/9T2 11/10T3 11/11T3 11/12T3 11/13T3
12c 1029 12/2T1 12/3T2 12/4T2 12/5T2 12/6T2 12/7T2 12/8T2 12/9T2 12/10T3 12/11T3 12/12T3 12/13T3
14c 1200 14/2T1 14/3T2 14/4T2 14/5T2 14/6T2 14/7T2 14/8T2 14/9T2 14/10T3 14/11T3 14/12T3 14/13T3
16c 1372 16/2T1 16/3T1 16/4T2 16/5T2 16/6T2 16/7T2 16/8T2 16/9T2 16/10T3 16/11T3 16/12T3 16/13T3
18c 1543 18/2T1 18/3T1 18/4T2 18/5T2 18/6T2 18/7T2 18/8T2 18/9T2 18/10T3 18/11T3 18/12T3 18/13T3
Sliding Windows with Transom
21c 1800 21/2RT1 21/3RT2 21/4RT2 21/5RT2 21/6RT2 21/7RT2 21/8RT2 21/9RT2 21/10RT3 21/11RT3 21/12RT3 21/13RT3
23c 1972 23/2RT1 23/3RT1 23/4RT2 23/5RT2 23/6RT2 23/7RT2 23/8RT2 23/9RT2 23/10RT3 23/11RT3 23/12RT3 23/13RT3
25c 2143 25/2RT1 25/3RT1 25/4RT2 25/5RT2 25/6RT2 25/7RT2 25/8RT2 25/9RT2 25/10RT3 25/11RT3 25/12RT3 25/13RT3
Type Fix Lite 2 Lite FS 2 Lite FS 2 Lite FS 2 Lite FS 2 Lite FS 2 Lite FS 2 Lite FS 3 Lite SFS 3 Lite SFS 3 Lite SFS 3 Lite SFS
  • "Brick size" designates the size of the unit using a standard 230*110*76 brick and allowing a 10mm mortar joint
  • "Metric size" designates the size of the unit in millimetres
  • "Type" designates the attributes of the window. A 2lite has one active sash and one fixed lite. A 3lite has two active sashes and one fixed (usually centre) lite. F is the fixlite (inactive panel) and S is the active (sliding) sash.
  • Handing. "SF" indicates the active sash is on the left when viewed from the outside, specify as "LH" (left hand). For a Right hand window (FS) specify as "RH".
    A 3lite window normally has the outer panels as the active (sliding) sashes. These sashes would each be 25% of the window width with the fixlite 50%. However, if required a 3lite can be produced as an end slider (1 slider and 2 fixlites) or a centre slider.
  • Transom. A transom is a horizontal rail usually positioned 600mm from the window sill. This effectively means a 3lite window is a 6lite, with 3lites (usually incorporating the active lites) above 3 (usually) fixed lites.
  • Non Standard Items. Windows can usually be manufactured to specific requirements.
  • When ordering. Specify size (code if standard size) and hand if critical. eg 14/6.5T2L (or 14/6.5T2R for Right hand), A 3lite will be supplied as SFS unless otherwise specified.

    Pink. Windows coded in the pink shaded areas are not normally available as sliding.

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