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Built to order, designed and manufactured in Bruck Rock, Western Australia by trailer builders B&D Trailers, the seed and fertiliser trailer's primary function is to provide material for filling seeding machinery during the planting season. The centre discharge hopper - with a minimum 35 degree sloping floor - enables a wide variety of product to gravity feed out, either into a below ground grid or its own 500mm elevator, which will deliver product to the driver's side of the unit allowing for simple filling of air seeder carts and silo augers.

The unit has three compartments that can be sized according to the customer's requirements, allowing for complete segregation of product. These are also available in two compartment models.

All the hopper doors and elevator functions are hydraulically operated off the prime mover's hydraulic system by a hand-held remote control. This ensures the unloading process can be carried out simply and safely.

These units have now been in the field for five years and as such, have evolved to the point where B&D is promoting these trailers as a real alternative to the traditional chassis end-tipper. The combination of no change in the centre of gravity - ie the risk of tipping in adverse conditions - competitive tare weight and ability to be used in roadtrain configurations supports this fact.

This model has been supplied with 385mm ride height air suspension; disc brake axles; raise lower valve; weight right gauge; alloy rims; tool box; 31 litre water container; fill level sight glasses; internal courtesy lights; heavy duty roll tarp and auxillary air outlets for cleaning down at completion of unloading.

One of the unique features of these trailers is the king pin, which is a bolt in model mounted on a limited wobble plate, relieving the boxed stress generally associated with rigid trailer construction. This has seen B&D trailers perform exceptionally well in terms of fatigue and road behaviour. Brett Nelson, owner/manager of B&D Trailers says the company is very happy with the end product: "We expect demand for these to be strong as they offer a large volume of product into the paddock allowing a full 12 hour shift.

"This, of course, means that staff numbers can be better managed or the ability to supply more than one seeding a cart. Adding to this, companies using our trailer will be more than competitive at harvest time for delivery of grain to receival points with underground grid facility or above ground hopper to a silo operation."

"At this stage we have only looked at supply to the primary producer, but we see definite advantages for anyone carting any form of bulk product." adds Brett.

"Aside from the belly dumpers, we also build chassis end tippers, dollies, dropdecks and carry out truck modifications such as chassis extensions, rigid bodies, fifth-wheel installations as well as all sorts of general engineering projects. We have experienced some steady growth over the last twelve months and look forward to consolidating in the future."

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