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Please note that all software is provided as-is, with no warranty or assurance of workability. All programs provided have been tested and found to be working without errors on my computer, which is a Microsoft Windows 7 professional OEM system. They have all been designed with my needs and eyesight in mind and if you wish to use them, you must accept this limitation.

Please note that since November 2014, all programs are designed and tested on Windows 10 Professional Insider edition. 98% were written when I still ran Windows 7 but newer projects are now designed on Windows 10. No special APIs so they should still run on the older Windows 7 platform.

Recent junk
(Some may or may not have help files)


Create keyboard shortcuts for your code and auto produce the necessary support files.

Bikes N' Trikes
A program in testing for a mate of mine. File/directory based database for motorbikes. Very simplistic.

Full programs (Some may or may not have help files)

Computerised address book program. Lots of useful little features. Always being worked on one way or another. Support for Australia Post postcode import and search, Dymo labels and more.
Keep a track of battery information that you have. Simple list mode interface.
Generic welfare client database system. Based on one I did for a local church. Finally finished.
Keep track of all of your devices that have batteries and be notified when they are due to be changed.
Simple little document manager with basic drag and drop, import, view and category management.
Personal home inventory manager. Pretty interface
Amateur radio operator logbook with minimal features.
Portable software collections sorter. Currently supports Android, LiberKey and PortableApps packages.
Manage your logins, passwords and other day to day web information. Editable field labels.

Small programs (These are just various programs that I have needed for myselt from time to time. Nothing fancy)

Simple backup program, list based.
Compare Compare lists of files against each other and delete from the list.
Count the number of lines in a file. Can drag and drop multiple files into the list.
Find the locations of your mailboxes and back them up to a different path or drive.
Read FireFox bookmarks into a list so that you can browse through them.
Simple little notepad type application with a formatting toolbar. UPDATED 23/11/2014
Load the Australian postcodes into the program and then be able to search them at will.
Rename filenames with various patterns and preview.
SqLite Data Retrieval
Load and search SQLite format database with dump to text file ability.
Keeper Larger version of PasswordMuncher, more features, menus buttons etc. Just what I needed. PB 5.24 compatible source project. Updated 11/12/14

Fun programs (These are just programs I wrote because of a tongue in cheek suggestion from the family, so a whole series of "Muncher" programs were born. All of these are full Source code projects written in PureBasic. Fun or not, they fulfill a need I had at the time.)

RecipeMuncher Small recipe manager created to handle thousands of recipes. Importeable from many XML data sources. Thanks Bernd!
Recipes A more up to date version of the above project. Still lots of work to be done though
AppointmentMuncher Made to handle all my current appointments, it was written exactly for my needs. Change the code to suit yourself. UPDATED 23/11/2014
AddressMuncher Much simplified version of the Addresses program above. UPDATED 23/11/2014
PasswordMuncher Simplified serial number, logins, keys manager etc. UPDATED 23/11/2014
SerialMuncher Bigger, more complicated version of the above. I was playing around. UPDATED 23/11/2014
MyStuff 1 Personal home inventory manager. Pretty interface but pretty powerful. Work in progress.
MyStuff 2
A fork of Mystuff 1 that allows user to select their own location icons. Work in progress.

Donations: The donations system is broken. Not that anyone ever did but I thought I'd let you know. Support is available for people who donate due to time and health constraints.

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