Guitar and P.A. Amplification

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This page lists various amplifiers, speaker boxes etc that I have left.

All prices are inclusive of GST. I am able to organise freight, if required. Cost varies with destination.

For schools wishing to order, I am able to provide ABN and invoice the school.

EVH 5150 III 2x12 Combo Guitar Amplifier

EVH 5150 III 2x12 Combo Guitar Amplifier EVH 5150 III 2x12 Combo Guitar Amplifier

This amp is new, but has been sitting in a shop for a little while. It has some donut shaped marks on the top of the tolex covering where another amp or cab has neen parked.

All tube circuitry. Two 12” custom special designed EVH Celestion. Seven JJ ECC83 (12AX7) preamp tubes, two JJ 6L6 power tubes and front-panel adjustable power output from 50 watts down to one watt.

This is amongst the best that I've ever played with. The vintage sounds are amazing. Only down side? It's heavy! 7-Ply 5/8" Birch Plywood and big transformers add up. If you can lug it around, or you have a road crew, or it's going to sit in a studio this amp is magic.

Normally retails for over $2500, this price $1700.

EVH 5150 III 2x12 Combo Guitar Amplifier

Samick 8M 50B Bass Guitar Amplifier

Samick 8M 50B Bass Guitar Amplifier

Second hand. This came to me not working, but now has new output transistors and been checked out. Working perfectly.

Price is $200.

Yamaha EMX88S Powered Mixer

Yamaha EMX88S Powered Mixer Yamaha EMX88S Powered Mixer

Rated at 400 watts a side in stereo mode or 800 in bridged mono. This is a well known PA, with lots of info and reviews available. Lots of power, many vocal effects, microphone, instrument and CD type inputs.

Everything works perfectly, and is in very good condition. Comes with the original manual, and two very chumky speaker leads.

Price is $500.

2 x 12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

2 x 12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

This cabinet is half of an old 4 x 12 column. I purchased the column many years ago, and decided to cut it in half some years ago. As such the black tolex covering the bottom part has been added in.

The cab is empty at this time. It is a closed back. I am happy to install any of the 12 inch speakers I have for sale.

Dimensions are 72 cm high, 41 cm wide, and 38 cm deep, and weighs 9.5 kg. I have not attached any rubber feet or a handle as yet, as this cab might be used standing up as shown in the photo, or lying on it's side, which would allow for another cab to be placed on top. I'll attach feet and handle as required by the buyer.

Price $100.

Quad 4 x 12 Speaker Cabinet.

Quad 4 x 12 speaker cabinet Quad 4 x 12 speaker cabinet

This is a second hand cabinet in which I have installed some of my stockpile of speakers. I have been playing around a bit with mixing speakers in a cabinet. This one contains 2 McKenzie 1275GP sepakers and 2 Guya GSG.300509 speakers.

The Mckenzie speakers are brand new, made in England. McKenzie were used in Marshal amps prior to them moving to Celestion. The Guya speakers have had some use, made in Japan, and used in Guyatone equipment. Both speakers I have found to be pretty reasonable. Together this cab, to me, sounds very nice. It's probably not as eficient as a cab with Celestions, but the sound is great.

This cab is made from high grade 11 ply timber. Very well constructed, and is on castors. All speakers are 8 ohm. The cabinet is wired up in 8 ohm.

Price: $400

2 x 10" Bass Guitar Speaker Box

Bass Guitar Speaker Box Laney Bass Speaker

This speaker cab I have built, using 18mm Birch ply, and is a copy of a Laney B2 cabinet. Extremely strongly made. All joints are cleated and glued with Titebond. Hand wired. Uses 2x 10' speakers as used by Laney in many of their high power bass amps, which are brand new. These speakers were used as replacements for the Laney B2 bass amps, which were capable of around 400 watts. Speakers are 8 ohm each. Cab is wired up as a 16 ohm cab, so it would suit the addition of another box as well, in case, as I have done with my amp, you use a 2 x 10" with a 15" speaker cab as well. I am able to wire it up in 4 ohm configuration if required.

The dimensions of this cab are 64 cm wide, 45 cm deep, 47 cm high, and 27 kg in weight. Or if you stand it up it would be 64 cm high I guess.

I have built speaker boxes in the past, but never applied tolex to them. This, being my first, is a bit rough, but looks OK from the front. It does not have any feet or handles attached at this point. It is fitted with a speakon input socket. I can supply a very robust 1/4 inch jack to speakon jack speaker lead if required.

Price: $250

4 x 10 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

4 x 10 Guitar Speaker Cabinet 4 x 10 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

4 x 10" well made cabinet, lots of dampening inside. I have installed some of my 10 inch speakers, which are a mixture of two PSK (Korean made), one Guyatone (Japanese made)10" and a generic 10" that came from a Laney amplifier. This cab uses a standard 1/4 inch socket. Tis is an 8 ohm cab, that will handle 120 watts.

I have made the front speaker cover, using plain speaker cloth, and have used screws to attach it, so it's easy to take off to install drivers.

It is also on castors, so easy to move around. Great quad cabinet that is significantly lighter than a 4 x 12 quad.

Price: $250.

4 x 10 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

Empty Foldback Wedge

Empty Foldback Wedge Empty Foldback Wedge

This is an empty PA foldback wedge style cabinet. It will take a 12" speaker. It also has a spot for a high frequency piezo type horn, which I have blanked off, but this is very easy to uncover and use again. It was origianlly a Laney CX12 powered wedge, but when checked at the warehouse on arrival into the country the amp did not work, so it was discarded. I have blanked off the electronic section, and placed an XLR type input socket. I can change this to any other socket required. It also has internal wiring, with slide on connectors, so, as long as the connectores fit, a speaker can be installed in a few minutes. I am able to replace the slide on connectors if they are not the right size for a particular speaker. I am also able to install any of he 12" speakers I have for sale.

This is a useful box, it has a high hat so it can be mounted on a speaker stand, has carry handle etc.

Price: $80.

Empty Foldback Wedge

Speaker Stands

Speaker Stands

Had these sitting around for a while. Have done very little work. Not exactly the same colour, but the same lightweight construction.

Price $60.

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