Blackwood River Canoeing pre tour briefing
Blackwood River Canoeing
Tour Packages and Pricing

You can choose from a variety of packages from a simple paddle about for an hour or two, to a fully guided camping expedition into the untouched wilds of the stunning Blackwood River Valley.

Listed below are the standard hire options, however if you require something a little more adventurous, we are equipped to arrange guides, supplies and motor vehicle support along the way.

Paddle About

$25.00 per person

Drive to the river's edge and explore up or downstream (for as many hours as you like). We supply canoes, buoyancy vests, water proof containers, safety briefing, basic strokes instruction and advice on the best section of the river taking into consideration your experience, the river level, and weather conditions.

Bring a picnic.

One Day Down River Paddle

$35.00 per person

Park at the river's edge on our property and we will transport you upstream.

You can cruise for an hour or two, or all day if you choose, whatever you feel like.

Two to Five Day Fully Supported Expeditions

From $35.00 per person per day

We supply the canoeing equipment, transport and backup.

We will advise you on the stretch of river best suited to your expertise and weather conditions.

Car shuffles and re-supplies can be arranged.

Guides and/or camping equipment can be supplied

Please ask about any special requirements and services you may require.

Please note a few points to ensure your adventure is as enjoyable as possible.


Bring along with you

  • a change of clothes,
  • sunblock
  • a hat,
  • some old footwear,
  • a water bottle,
  • and most importantly..