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paper tiles by Jenny Jones & Julie van Oosten

{ Red Sepia Black }

Jenny Jones and I have had a few moments to play with the new "paper tiles". Jen proposed the colour scheme, which I would totally never do (I am a brown and white girl!) but as you can see from the result it was a stunning result. (Is this RSB the new white?!!!)
Jenny's forte was of course texture, nudes, transparencies, distressing the frame and the colour choices. I did the fiddly bits and text based compositions.
The red ink was Tim Holts distress ink - Fire Brick I think, which worked really well on the box board star and some background of the tiles, also the photo turn was also inked direct to paper etc. Doing reds is an obvious challenge as there are so many reds, warm reds, more magenta reds, and orange reds etc and you really need to keep the same red through the whole piece. So using a nice red pad like Tim's was a great way to tie all the correct reds together so nothing would clash.
I think that is a good tip for those of you wanting to do RSB- {Red-Sepia-Black}
Jenny and I had a complete blast doing this and we hope you will be inspired to do one for yourself.
I am sure Jenny will take it to SAJ's so you can see it in person. Perhaps anyone else who has made some paper tiles by then should show us what you are doing...BTW the outer frame that hold the 16 tiles are available in a kit. They are heavy box board and it comes with an inner frame (4up tiles fit in that one) a skinny frame and some backing sheets one lighter weight and the other heavy so you can turn it into a journal (you'll need some system rings for that, they are not in the kit) also in the kit is one sheet of the paper tiles (16 lil pieces) as well. They are RRP$11.00 and will be available by emailing me. However we did mount 2 of the frames of the "RGB" together to give it more depth and character. I hope you will enjoy the tiles and trade them with friends.
Below is a tile pack only which is great for sharing and making extra tiles to swap with your friends.

0339 paper tiles only 3 sheets per pack (48 tiles) $5.30

artwork by Jenny Jones & Julie van Oosten

0338 paper tile kit only $11.00 (includes 2 frames 1 large and 1 small, 1 sheet of paper tiles and backing boards & narrow frame)

artwork by Jenny Crossley and Julie van Oosten

New... 0342 Baby Alphabet/Numbers Chipboard (3 sheets per pack) $8.95

letter size approx 15mm high

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