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Secrets of a Broken Heart


I was nine years old when this photo of me pregnant was taken. Click here, to see even younger.

Those who have eyes will see, the blind will never believe or see.. a pregnant little girl on the photo.

Introducing Cristina’s House of Hope Inc.

Cristina's House of Hope is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient and tax concession charity-public benevolent institution and once the house is built and established will be the First Port of Call for women and children in crisis of sexual abuse.

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This is my story of how I travelled back into my past, after the steps I took to change the course of my adult life, which then left me a misfit, abandoned by friends and family, lost and alone in our modern society, while I was discovering and revisiting my childhood horror, reliving the hidden secrets of our family. 

We have to put a stop to the taboo and stigma which follows only the victims of sexual abuse, survivors who are then hidden away in  society or treated as misfits and outcast in our communities.  

Cristina’s House of Hope Charity now on Face Book  

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