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Secrets of a Broken Heart

This is the heroic story of a courageous woman whose life began in a little village in southern Italy.

With a simple faith and a belief in a loving God, she allowed herself to be woken from the numb state of her life.

In horrendous detail she came to the full remembrance of the appalling physical, mental, sexual and emotional abuse that she had survived as a child.

With this knowledge she has been able to piece together the jigsaw puzzle of her life and offer true hope that we too may heal our own pain.

We all start with an idea, then the work follows. I want to set up a house for survivors of sexual abuse and their children, a safe home, a place for survivors to openly talk about the impact sexual abuse has left in their lives. 

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Sexual abuse of children is a worldwide epidemic of long term health issues that has reached a critical point in humanity. We need to address this problem and openly talk about these real issues while we support back to health, the ones who are ill and broken in our communities.

My own personal journey of survival and the losses that come from the journey I myself have travelled, have now evolved  Cristina’s House of Hope. 

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