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Spirit of Love 

Spirit of Love was written to show the fragmented part of my adult life while searching for a spirit of love within my self. I no longer know what will present itself for me on this journey, what I do know however, is that God preset the journey we are all going to have to face one day. 

I have learned that just as a rainbow comes out after the rain to remind us of God’s promise to never again flood the land, being aware of the many parts in self, with the many different colours in my thoughts and feelings, will help me to see, feel and stay authentic to myself.

The many colours in my rainbow depict the different thoughts and feelings in my adult life. I have learned from the struggled to get out of the cocoon my family  imprisoned me in and forced me to live in as a child. The struggle to free myself from the past now defines who and what I have become. 

The storm of my childhood fear and pain has passed, and a rainbow has come out, it is seen in my life by the light in my eyes, bringing health to my mind.

We know our self by knowing our parents, when we know where we come from, then we can live who we are.

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The rainbow was painted for the cover of the book Spirit of Love, and depicts the struggle we all fight for on this earth. 

The rainbow shows very clearly what we as people struggle for. 

There are many different hidden parts to us, as many as the colours in a rainbow, as yet to be discovered in ourselves.

We need to find our lost self among the debris of our childhood past.

We are always, as we grow, in the process of choosing to become who we will be'. Sue Curtis

We need to find inner courage to search for more of our lost childhood self in our adult selves.  

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