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Life After Death

Like historians sift through the sands of time to find answers on the generations before us, we can also search to reclaim our spirit, we can, and then the truth in our heart and spirit will heal our life, heal the wounds inflicted by others in our childhood. We can’t change the past or fix what has taken place there, we can however learn from it in the here and now, in the present, for the good of the future to come. 

Life after death is as such, our body, mind, heart and every cell in our body holds a memory stored in there, that is why when a heart dies in our body and another is put in its place the body and mind will change according to the DNA memory, stored in that heart. God help us though, if the heart of another that is put in our body is full of evil, because Jesus said, ‘the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. 

People who have had heart transplant can tell many stories about the new person that lives in them, how it has changed them and their life according to what was stored in the heart of the donor. 

We know our self by knowing our parents, when we know where we come from, then we can live who we are.

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"There are always going to be sunsets and sunrises, remembering this, will make the journey of life less painful." 

We have to learn from the mistakes of past generations, for the good of  our children  and even the future of their children's children.  We  need to find  courage to search for more in ourselves.

There truly can be life after the death of our old-self, just as there can be life after one heart is taken out of our body and another one put in us

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