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Books, Cards, Angels and Ribbons 



"There are always going to be sunsets and sunrises, remembering this, will make the journey of life less painful." 



Angels $10 each. Card Selections with envelopes - $5 each. Postage not included. When you purchase one of our Angels, cards or books you are helping us to build a safe house in our community for women and children in crisis of sexual abuse. 

To order these books on line go to: http://www.cristinashouseofhope.com.au/books-cards/

You are also helping raise awareness of the plight of survivors and the long term challenges they face each day. 




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Our White and Red Ribbons $2 each will help to raise more awareness in our community of the long term struggle survivors of sexual abuse face each day. 

White is symbolic of the innocence and purity a child loses when he or she is sexually abused, red is for the courage it takes for the adult to go back in time and to revisit that painful childhood. 

Please note the books and cards have been donated and all profits are directed to Cristina's house of hope Inc. All money generated from the sales of these items go direct to: Cristina's House of Hope.

Secrets of a Broken Heart English Edition Paper Back $31.00 postage &handling.  

Segreti di un Cuore Spezzato Italian Edition Paper Back $31.00 postage &handling.

The Exile Years English Edition Only Paper Back $31.00 postage &handling.

Spirit of Love English Edition Only Paper Back $43.00 postage &handling.

Life After Death English Edition Only Paper Back $43.00 postage &handling.




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