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Secrets of a Broken Heart

This is my story of how I travelled a road I knew nothing about. How for years God unlocked my subconscious mind to reveal the horror of my childhood.

I want to share my experience, because I believe that there are many people out there who are lonely, sick, hurt and isolated, with feelings they don’t understand. They stay locked up, in their own prison for many years, not knowing, what is wrong with them but knowing very well how they feel. Anxiety sets in, depression, a desperate loneliness, a longing for something better, a wanting for something they themselves don’t even know.

As I read Lamentations, I know God understands:

The Lord knows when our spirits are crushed in prison; He knows when we are denied the rights he gave us.

(Lamentations 3: 34 and 35)

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to the child Maria Cristina


Those who have eyes will see, the blind will never believe or see… ...a pregnant little girl on the photo.

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