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Secrets of a Broken Heart

As I retraced the steps of my childhood, I so wanted to feel angry with them all .. yet, all I felt was sadness. I could see many of the people who remained there, lived in a state of denial as they lived  their life trapped within the prison of their minds and fearful of what others might see.

Many in the village  talked  openly about the past as they shared with me what they remembered of me as that child.

They said,"…we know about the atrocities that happened in the past here. We no longer live like that, that was our history and we have learned from that”. I have also learned from my history and it has shaped my destiny to make me who and what I am today. Where do I start to thank the many people, whom God has sent to help me put my broken life back together again? Just like Humpty Dumpty, I was broken.

Within these pages are all my feelings and thoughts, as I walked through the steps of recovery and healing. How a little at a time, with the help of a counsellor and good supportive friends I have rebuilt my life from the brokenness I have survived.

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The photo above was taken during my trip back to Italy when I returned to my village after 41 years. I was a woman on a mission…

I now look on my birth home with an altered vision as my journey there finally enabled me to find my spirit of love.

I was in awe as I looked at the vast mountain range which abruptly ended in a final valley that led to the sea.


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