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Secrets of a Broken Heart

I share my story of survival and the broken life I lived as the adult that has got me to here. The split and brokenness is very apparent in the writing. As I wrote I wanted to share, that these feelings and thoughts are common among us victims who have survived. And there is a definite split, emotionally, spiritually from the physical, and to rebuild my life. I needed to put back the pieces of the puzzle the emotional and the spiritual, into my physical body in a holistic way. If you have no idea or insight into the background we survivors come from, this book then, would only be about the brokenness of my life and nothing else.

For many years I went around wearing masks and band-aids to try and hide my brokenness from the world and from myself until there was no more room for masks or band-aids. My counsellor helped me take off the now very painful band-aids and masks. She sat with me through years of my own disbelief as she listened, believed and allowed my inner feelings to come out – chaff and wheat. With her gentle manner she allowed me to put back my shattered life.

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Maria Cristina I lived almost all my adult life not remembering the memories this photo portrays, painful events  of my childhood horror, hidden in my subconscious mind.

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