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 Green Mage Tower

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Well, here's the thing. You see one train of thought gathers momentum and derails completely...... I was thinking about the little problem with the leaves falling inside the tower when I realized that the tree might still be alive! But then, how does it have a roof? Well, I figure it is a great big living stump perhaps. So, I sought to make it feasible and in doing so came up with a balcony. It's in the same area as the roof so it's not adding more areas if we keep it, and it actually uses a lot of the trees that you see from the roof, so not too much is added. It is accessed from the rooms floor. I have however, I believe, managed to make it believable that you are standing in an area below the roof as you will see........Let me know if you think this is simply going too far......

Balcony view



Ok, wood rooms it is. Here is a heap pics of the tower as it is presently. Lighting hasn't been done to the upper floors yet, and they are not complete.

Currently the first floor contains; Meeting Room, Library, Store room, Portal room, Kitchen, Dining room, Toilets, a small waiting area outside the meeting room for newly arrived guests and one entry room which is necessary for the plot door.

Please always feel free to post ideas up on the boards, we hunger for your thoughts.


Looking at the entry to the Tower - Atrium

More Atrium


Portal to the Mage Tower in Deglos


The bark sheet paper looks grittier than it feels.


Members Entry

Basement Landing

Roof at night

Basement Views

Meeting Room

Basement - One on One Training area (old meeting room of the Tower of  Nine)