1. Christian Heinrich Leschen, born 1 Mar 1792 in Rendsberg Holstein Germany, died 15 Mar 1867 in South Australia, buried 1867 in Moculta SA, occupation gold and silver smith.
    In order to escape being conscripted into Napoleon's army when he became of age, Christian moved from Germany to Denmark and became a naturalised Dane, but later returned to Rendsberg Germany.
    He migrated to Australia on the ship "PETER GODEFFROY" in 1857.
      i Christian Leschen, born cir 1820.
      ii Therese Leschen, born cir 1820.
      2. iii Frederick Leschen born cir 1833.
      3. iv Adolph Leschen born 1837.

    Second Generation

  2. Frederick Leschen, born cir 1833.
    He married Anne Keisling.
      4. i Frederick Charles A Leschen born 1873.

  3. Adolph Leschen, born 1837 in Rendsberg Holstein Germany, died 1916 in Adelaide SA, occupation teacher/shopkeeper.
    Adolph arrived in Australia with his father on the ship "PETER GODEFFROY" in 1857.
    He married 1862 in South Australia, Friederike Dittmar, born in Hamburg Germany.
      5. i Heinrich (Henry) Adolph Theodor Leschen born 19 Dec 1862.
      ii Wilhelm Frederick Ernest Leschen, born 4 Aug 1864 in Adelaide SA.
      6. iii Carl Paul Johann Leschen born 3 Sep 1866.
      iv Hugo William Robert Leschen, born 14 Nov 1868 in Adelaide SA.
      7. v Waldermar Kritkampk Repenning Leschen born 4 Mar 1876.

    Third Generation

  4. Frederick Charles A Leschen, born 1873, died 1898 in Adelaide SA.
    He married Martha Cutting.
      i Mark Charles Albert Leschen, born 1897 in Perth WA.

  5. Heinrich (Henry) Adolph Theodor Leschen, born 19 Dec 1862 in Adelaide SA, died 22 Jul 1931 in South Perth WA, buried in Karrakatta Cemetery WA.
    He married Alma Sophie Johanne Sudholtz, born 1864, died 29 Feb 1936 in Buckland Hill WA, buried in Karrakatta Cemetery WA.
      i Hilda Alma Leschen, born 1896 in Victoria, died 26 May 1897, buried in Coolgardie WA.
      8. ii Arnold Rupert Leschen.
      9. iii Hubert Charles Oswal Leschen born 1901.

  6. Carl Paul Johann Leschen, born 3 Sep 1866 in Hahndorf SA, died 17 Oct 1925 in Darlington WA, buried in Karrakatta Cemetery WA, occupation Bank Manager.
    He married (1) 1895 in Hahndorf SA, Hermine Johanne Elisabeth Strempel, born 9 Nov 1869 in Hahndorf SA, (daughter of Carl Friederich Adolph Strempel and Marie Charlotte Friederike Meyer) died 24 Jan 1905 in Claremont WA, buried in Karrakatta Cemetery WA.
    He married (2) 1907, Wilhelmina Johanna Nenke, born 29 Apr 1875, (daughter of Fredrick Nenke and Lydia) died 1 Oct 1967 in Mount Henry WA, buried in Karrakatta Cemetery WA.
            Children by Hermine Johanne Elisabeth Strempel:
      i Olga Johanna Maria Leschen, born 9 Apr 1896 in Handorf SA, died 30 Sep 1973 in South Australia.
      ii Elisa Clara Leschen, born 14 Jun 1898 in Perth WA, died 18 Jun 1899 in Perth WA, buried in Karrakatta Cemetery WA.
      iii Carl Adolph Leschen, born 1902 in Claremont WA, died 15 Jul 1906, buried in Karrakatta Cemetery WA.
      10. iv Wilhelm (William) Erwin Leschen born 9 Apr 1904.
            Children by Wilhelmina Johanna Nenke:
      v Kurt Maximillian Leschen, born 1910, died 23 Mar 1910 in Claremont WA, buried in Karrakatta Cemetery WA.
      11. vi Meda (Mitty) Carlotta Leschen born 4 May 1911.
      vii Pauline Irma Lydia Leschen, born Jan 1915 in Darlington WA.

  7. Waldermar Kritkampk Repenning Leschen, born 4 Mar 1876 in Adelaide SA.
    He married Harriet Adelaide Mounsey.
      i Henry William Gordon Leschen, born 1899 in Perth WA.

    Fourth Generation

  8. Arnold Rupert Leschen. Arnold Leschen came to Australia to live with his son Duncan Leschen and his family after his wife died.
    He married in England, Nellie Lawson.
      12. i Charles Duncan Leschen born 24 Apr 1921.
      13. ii Arnold Desmond Leschen.

  9. Hubert Charles Oswal Leschen, born 1901 in Jarrahdale WA.
    He married Winifred Glatte.
      i Richard Leschen, born 1939.
      ii Henry Leschen, born 1939.

  10. Wilhelm (William) Erwin Leschen, born 9 Apr 1904 in Clairmont WA, died 23 Dec 1975 in Nedlands WA, cremated in Karrakatta Cemetery WA.
    He married (1) 1929 in Wellington District WA, divorced Patricia Ethel McClemans, born 16 Sep 1911 in Claremont WA, (daughter of William Joseph McClemans and Ada Lucy Walker) died 31 Aug 1997 in Rockingham WA, cremated 3 Sep 1997 in Fremantle Cemetery WA.
    He married (2) 1944 in Perth WA, Marion S John.
            Children by Patricia Ethel McClemans:
      14. i Judith Elizabeth Leschen born 15 May 1930.

  11. Meda (Mitty) Carlotta Leschen, born 4 May 1911.
    She married (1) 2 Jun 1934, Benj L Clifton, born 1902, died 1959.
    She married (2) 21 Apr 1964, H C Roy Korner.
            Children by Benj L Clifton:
      15. i Andrew Leschen Clifton born 1935.
      16. ii Anna Miriam Clifton born 1936.
      17. iii Allan Conrad Clifton born 1938.
      iv Roger Luke Clifton, born 1946.

    Fifth Generation

  12. Charles Duncan Leschen, born 24 Apr 1921 in England, occupation Accountant. Duncan Leschen and his family emigrated from England to Australia in 1972.
    He married 1952, Joyce Mary Nettelfield, born 7 Feb 1928.
      18. i Peter Dennis Leschen born 23 May 1958.
      19. ii Jonathan Duncan Leschen born 20 May 1960.
      20. iii Carol Mary Leschen born 5 May 1965.
      iv Anne Margaret Leschen, born 1 Jul 1967 in Frome Somerset England.

  13. Arnold Desmond Leschen, born in England.
    He married (1) divorced -, Maureen.
    He married (2) Pat.
            Children by Maureen:
      i Susan Leschen.
      ii Sylvia Leschen.
      iii William Leschen.

  14. Judith Elizabeth Leschen, born 15 May 1930 in Perth WA, occupation Nurse.
    She married 3 May 1967 in Attadale WA, divorced 1977, Donald Barry Collett, born 30 Aug 1928 in Manangatang Vic, (son of Edwin Arthur Collett and Henrietta (Etta) Mary Corey) occupation Civil Engineer.
      i Jard Campbell Collett, born 20 Aug 1968 in Perth WA.
    He married (1) 15 Feb 1997 in Safety Bay WA, divorced 2000, Alexa Louise Brocklehurst, born 14 Mar 1972 in Kwinana WA.
    He married (2) 13 Sep 2003 in Mt Dandenong Vic, Elizabeth (Libby) Ann Black, born 14 Jan 1972 in Corinda Qld, (daughter of Darryl Black and Judith Ann McMonagle).

  15. Andrew Leschen Clifton, born 1935.
    He married 1963, Evelyn Jenner, born 1933.
      i Anne Louisa Clifton, born 1965.
      ii Elinor Jane Clifton, born 1967.

  16. Anna Miriam Clifton, born 1936.
    She married 1956, Neil David Webb, born 1933, died 1979.
      i Simon A Clifton Webb, born 1957.
    He married 1985, divorced Susan Banks.
      21. ii Celia Jane Clifton Webb born 1960.
      iii Timothy Patrick Clifton Webb, born 1963.

  17. Allan Conrad Clifton, born 1938.
    He married (1) 1962, divorced Lorraine Thomas.
    He married (2) 1986, Robin Anne Elphick.
            Children by Lorraine Thomas:
      i Benjamin Edward Clifton, born 1964.
      22. ii Paul David Clifton born 1966.
      iii Chistopher John Clifton, born 1971.

    Sixth Generation

  18. Peter Dennis Leschen, born 23 May 1958 in England.
    He married Sue Wilson.
      i Vivien Leschen, born 1990.
      ii Prue Leschen, born 1992.

  19. Jonathan Duncan Leschen, born 20 May 1960 in England.
    He married 13 Mar 1982, Zuvele Samatauskas, born 26 Dec 1960.
      i Nikolai (Niki) Leschen, born 29 Apr 1994.
      ii Vitally (Taly) Leschen, born 2 Sep 1996.

  20. Carol Mary Leschen, born 5 May 1965 in England.
    She married Paul Galea.
      i Connor Galea, born 1996.
      ii Jason Galea, born 1998.

  21. Celia Jane Clifton Webb, born 1960. >
    She married 1983, Christian Pfefferle.
      i David Pfefferle, born 1985.
      ii Luke Pfefferle, born 1989.
      iii Paul Pfefferle, born 1991.

  22. Paul David Clifton, born 1966.
    He married 1989, Urte Kargher.
      i Luke Clifton, born 1989.
      ii Jessica Clifton, born 1990.

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