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A.B.N: 43 343 358 429

Welcome to Cute, Sweet and Cheap Clothing Pty. Ltd.

Searching for Independent Fashion Consultants!

So your interested in becoming one of our valued consultants?

Let us show you how to enjoy what you do, and unlike most jobs.... This one comes with perks!!

Are you interested in forever adding to your fashion collection?
Interested in quality clothing at a fraction of RRP prices?
Interested in making $$$ for a few hours work around your schedule, the kids, your current job?

These are just a few ideas!

Cute, Sweet & Cheap Clothing Pty. Ltd is one the most affordable and desirable party plan programs to be involved with. The following pages will give you further information about becoming one of our valued consultants!

Please contact your friendly regional business manager, Sally Burling with any further questions or information you require on this opportunity!

Sally Burling
E:Mail dsburling@westnet.com.au
Mobile: 0407 070 188

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Independent Consultant with Cute, Sweet & Cheap Clothing Pty Ltd.

Following is some basic information to let you know a little bit about Cute, Sweet & Cheap Clothing and also how you can benefit by becoming an Independent Consultant. Should you decide to take the next step and establish your own business and come on board with us then you will be provided with more in depth information and the tools needed to give you effective training and skills to boost your new business into the next level.

Cute, Sweet & Cheap Clothing was established in October 2006. Our passion behind establishing this business was to provide beautiful quality clothing at WAY BELOW RETAIL PRICES. We have chosen to keep our prices at a bare minimum and dramatically reduce clothing prices so that EVERYONE can afford quality clothing. We believe that by keeping our prices at these dramatically low prices that once customers have purchased from us they will return again and again. After all, with prices like these how could they resist!!

We have a strong ethical belief that in keeping our prices low and LOOKING AFTER our customers that they will appreciate this and become repeat customers.

We stock casual wear through to smart casual, summer through to winter, dressy to semi-formal wear. Our sizes range from 6 to 26 in jeans/pants and to 30 in tops. We are in the process of establishing our children’s range and are working on it being as large as our women’s range. At present our children’s range has proven to sell just as well as our women’s clothing!!

By becoming an Independent Consultant you will have all the benefits of running your own business. This is purely because IT IS YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

YOU choose the days and hours that you work (you will be able to revolve your working hours around your lifestyle). YOU choose when you have holidays. YOU choose not to work on certain dates due to family commitments such as kids sporting events, hobbies etc. YOU choose when you will receive a pay rise (we offer unlimited income potential). YOU choose whether you want to just work casually and make some extra money on weekends or whether you invest your time and efforts into your new business and turn it in to a thriving career with people working below you. The choices are all YOURS to make!!

To become an Independent Consultant there are two options of the kits you can purchase to use. We can help taylor a package to suit your lifestyle and budget. You will be provided with full training and have access to unlimited help and the skills needed to make your business successful. After all, we want you to succeed so we will endeavour to help you in any area that you feel you may need it. All training is FREE and it is available 24hours a day, seven days a week.

HOW TO GET STARTED: From our experience in this business and having gone through all of this ourselves we are able to put to you what we think is the absolute best way to get started and put your business at poll position on the raceway.

As an Independent Consultant you will receive a minimum of 25% of all sales you then complete (sales being the total amount sold LESS the GST component). You will be paid weekly either by cheque or directly into your nominated bank account.

You will need to organise a “launch party”. This is where you invite everyone that you know to come and support you and celebrate with you for the launch of your new business. You will have with you a fully trained consultant to help you make the day/night a great success.

To enable you with the best and fastest launch for your business we suggest that you organise a minimum of six (6) of your friends, acquaintances or family members to hold your first parties after your launch party.

An average party sales would be approx $600 to $900. So you can see how quickly you can start making yourself some real money!

Bookings lead to bookings and bookings lead to business growth.

You will be fully trained and equipped to grow your business and start making yourself a lot of money. Basically all you would need to do is go and do the clothing party, (which usually lasts for around 2 - 2.5 hours) submit the order to head office along with the payment and we will take care of the rest.

There are no deliveries or extra running around.

Here is an example of average earnings once you become a qualified consultant:

You hold a booking and the sales are $600.00 (this amount is very easy to obtain as our clothes are priced so affordably) You then take the GST off of this amount as this all goes to the taxation office.

$600.00 less $54.55 (10%) = $545.45 in sales

You will then be paid 25% of this amount

$545.45 x 25% = $136.36

You will have made yourself a profit of $136.36 for holding a 2- 2.5 hour booking! That’s fantastic!!

Say you hold 3 bookings in a week.
That is $136.36 x 3 = $409.08
You have made a profit of $409.08 for approx 6-9 hours work.

You will also be recognised for your efforts and achievements along the way and be rewarded with lots of different surprises and promotions.

We believe in LOOKING AFTER our consultants and ALWAYS recognising you and rewarding you for your fantastic efforts. We also offer unlimited help which is available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. We are very pleased that you have shown interest in joining us to make a very successful business and are looking forward to a long and happy business relationship with you.

As mentioned above, this is just a brief run down and full information will be provided to you upon you making the decision to build yourself, what we all endeavour to be, a very successful business.
Kind Regards
Shona Azzopardi
Managing Director
Cute, Sweet & Cheap Clothing Pty Ltd

Please email if you require any further assistance or information in any way, or would like to place an order.