Central Sulawesi

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An Indonesian soldier stands guard over a mass-murder site near Poso

SAO Buton became aware of cultural, political and religious problems in Central Sulawesi in mid-2000 at about the same time as the media began reporting the terrible events occurring in the area.

The reports may be made available by contacting the web master

We immediately began organising an independent assessment of the problem, and Ashadin undertook at perilous journey through the troubled area in July. He submitted an eyewitness report immediately he returned to Ujung Pandang.

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This map shows the route of Adin's trip

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Travelling in Central Sulawesi is not always easy because many road are unstable and wash away


As a result of these efforts,  an Australian group undertook to fund emergency relief provision of foodstuffs for the thousands of refugees from the Poso region who now have evacuated to Palu on the west coast of Sulawesi.

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Palu Harbour


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