The founding principle of SAO Buton is expressed in the mission statement shown here:

Mission Statement
Mendorong masyarakyat Buton menunju kemandirian social dan ekonomi
To encourage the people of Buton to achieve social and economic independence

We believe that if you give a man a fish, he will eat it today and tomorrow he will be hungry again. However, if you give him a fishing line so that he can go fishing, naturally he will be inclined to work well, so that he has enough to eat and some to sell. We in SAO Buton never want to create a program of just simply handing out money - because it does nothing for the recipients except satisfy their immediate need which can usually be better overcome with a long term program. We believe in uncovering the potential of the people and helping them develop programs that will lead to self-sustainability. The funds entrusted to us are dealt with very responsibly, are accounted for and are annually audited to the satisfaction of the respective Australian government authorities, with the purpose of creating an environment where the people will think of their own ways to lift their standard of living.

The SAO Buton logo has been designed to give a message of hope and inspiration to the people of Buton. The background colour is sea-blue as a symbol of the maritime nature of this region. Buton is a collection of islands and the sea surrounds us. The letters of SAO are shown in the colours of the rainbow to remind us of God's promise to mankind. We chose to surround the initials SAO with a golden pyramid to display our faith that SAO Buton is strong and enduring (like the pyramids) and will expand to meet the needs of the people of Buton. To the left of the pyramid is a sprig of rice and to the right a series of cotton buds. These represent justice and well-being. The silver star is perhaps our highest symbol in that it displays an aspiration for the building up of living, cultural, spiritual and socioeconomic standards for the peoples of Buton as endorsed by SAO Buton. We have adopted and registered this logo to constantly underscore the basic determination of SAO Buton to support the advancement of the people with whom we are privileged to work towards self-sustainability.

It is our prayer you will join with us all the more to see God at work with the people in Buton. We pray for His help and guidance always and in everything.

The SAO Buton team is lead by Ashadin (Adin), on the motorcycle, who is the Field Director. In the second photograph you can see (left to right) Rais Jaya, Andri (Adin's wife), Adin, Thamin, a visiting cousin of Thamin's, and Junaidin

In 1997 we built a warehouse which we have been able to utilise for storage of building materials and other goods

In 1999 we purchased this truck which transports materials and produce around Buton for the program

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