The motivating philosophy behind web sites designed and implemented by Duncan Group International is that they meet the following criteria:

      1. The site must be easy to read, understand and navigate from.
      2. The site must be free of unnecessary graphics and images that would impair fast downloading and quick interaction.
      3. The site must be easy for the owner to maintain.

Whilst simple in appearance, our web sites reflect the accumulated experience of many years in the industry. It is our belief they are effective for use both internally (staff base) and externally (client base).

Each site is crafted to suit the particular needs of an organisation or group. There is no "typical" example of our work presented, because for each client the needs and purposes are different.

Graphic art for web pages is also a speciallity of Duncan Group International. Using powerful graphic editors, we can make your images visually impacting and useful web site tools.

We will be happy to provide a low cost solution to your web site needs. If you require it, we are also able to arrange hosting, domain and search engine promotion for your site.

The following are some of the web sites designed by Duncan Group International:

SAO Buton

Thompsons Funeral Services

York and Districts Olive Association

The Organ Society of Western Australia

Beaming Hill Olive Oil



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