Generally Parkside a West Australian manufacturer, has a product that will suit your vehicle but sometimes you may want the genuine article as is the case with this F250. At Endrust Geraldton we can supply a range of different products from a number of suppliers as we are not a franchise of any particular dealer. Here we see a F250 getting a genuine Ford Bullbar & Parkside side steps.

The after results with the spotlights the customer wanted fitted. Note that different Bullbars will allow different spaces to fit spotlights. Please check that the bar you are after will fit the lights you want

This Genuine steel black Bullbar for this vehicle is fitted price $1440.

This commodore is fitted with a Smartbar, which is a tough but light weight polyethelyne bar. It comes in different colours to suit your vehicle. The Smartbar is also classified as a Bullbar. Don't be fooled by the plastic looking appearance this is a tough bar.




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