Did you know car parking presents a considerable danger to your car? Today's car-parks unfortunately seem to be full of minor accidents and incidents which quickly deteriorate the outside panels of your vehicle, whether it be a gust of wind catching the next cars door, a wandering trolley or even accidently backing into a low wall you didn't notice, Bullet Bump Strips can keep you out of trouble. 

In today's new car market the moulding on your vehicle can be located in useless positions or worse still is sometimes even left off the car altogether, to keep costs down for the manufacturer. Bullet Bump Protection Strips stop their cost savings from costing you.


Bullet Bump Strips provide a 22mm high hollow profile design to ward off hazards even under high impact speeds without damage to your vehicle, unlike traditional moulding.

Although the side moulding is adequate the bumpers benefit from ....


Bullet Bump Protection Strips as it easily bends around corners.

This car is not cheap by any means but actually comes without protection

This will keep it safe from other car doors.

You can see the profile offers real protection in this shot.

This car doesn't even have a step to try and protect it.

But with Bullet bump Protection has a much safer car-park profile

The curves on today's cars do not present a problem to Bullet Bump Strips

Here showing that high profile again

The looks are enhanced by breaking up the long side with a black line

Here we see manufacturers moulding that enhances but does it protect?

Bullet Bump Protection certainly does!

All fitting takes your door opening angles into account

Just a good looking car

We also cater for an array of other types of moulding including this prime example.








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