Distance Sensors



Distance sensors used to be a feature available only on the expensive cars. A wide variety of reversing sensor kits is now available on the market. To choose wisely you need to know the differences between cheap kits and quality kits.

  • Number of sensor heads This relates to the operating angles for the sensors. You want a good spread of detection behind your car.
  • Directional Sensitivity What is the angle required for the sensor? Does it 'not see' objects that appear in between the sensors mounted on your car, e.g. a post? Are the sensors directional enough to be mounted near the metal brackets on your car, e.g. towbar or bumper crash bar? (This can restrict the positioning of sensors fitted.)
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU) speed & frequency How quickly does the CPU to react to the sensor signals and how often does it do this? A unit that scans 2 or 3 times per second is only useful if you are moving very slowly.
  • Visual appearance This speaks for itself. Cars today can be chosen according to the colours available. Why upset the way your car looks?
  • Construction quality Although most kits are covered by a 1 year warranty, on comparison, the construction advantages of decent kits become obvious. Can individual parts be replaced? there is nothing more annoying than buying a whole kit because of one damaged part.

Some distance sensors have an audible beep that speeds up as you approach obstacles, others a display that indicates the distance to go, while others have a voice that reads out the distance.On testing we have favoured the beeping as it is obvious what is happening, responds faster than voice and is not misheard, whilst a distance read out is just an extra thing to look at.

For safety distance sensors should be automatically triggered by the reversing light circuit. On some vehicles the front corner distances can be difficult to judge, so distance sensors can also be added up front (with an additional control box) for use when parking.

To arrange for a quality kit to be fitted to your car, phone Endrust Geraldton on 9964 2372 or contact us using the instructions below.



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