Endrust was established with a business aimed to protect your car by the application of chemical coatings. This comprehensive treatment prevented metal exposure to the underside and inside of your car thus preventing rust. Endrust has had over 30 years of successfully protecting vehicles and has always aimed to offer the best products and treatments available.

Introducing the … CAT Electronic Rust Protection System (ERPS)

When first released, we were sceptical about the use of such electronic rust protection devices as there were a number of units available that amounted to little more than a flashing light. But by running our own tests, we are now confident to offer the CAT ERPS. Not only are the results of our testing good (and we’re still testing after 9 years), but we can safely offer a 10 year warranty with these systems.

At this point you will need to understand a little about rust to help you appreciate why we can recommend both systems.

Basically when rust begins, it is caused by chemicals reacting with exposed metal in your car. Metal exposure commonly occurs from paint chipping or physical damage with a build up of atmospheric chemicals. Endrust’s protective sprays are designed to prevent exposure by providing a protective layer to all (rust potential) areas. Different sprays are used to penetrate and protect different areas … however ... a vehicle cannot be completely coated and this is where the CAT ERPS comes in.

This unit works by providing a source of charges (free electrons) that prevent the rusting of the metal of your vehicle. Damage to your duco exposes your panel metal allowing a reaction with air-borne chemicals. This can be greatly reduced by using the CAT system. The free electrons produced by the CAT ERPS will essentially react with pollutants instead of drawing from the metal in your car, thus minimising rust damage.

To take advantage of our comprehensive rust proof systems please call
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