• Modern Textiles can make your car more comfortable, however they also seem to attract soiling and stains, Endrust Fabric Protection gives your fabric and your carpet an invisible coating which is impervious to both water and oil based stains. To protect you, the customer from toxic solvents Endrust Geraldton uses our water-borne Endrust Fabric Protection. This may mean that after treatment the vehicle will need to be left a few hours for drying to take place.
  • With the use of much plastic in and around the car it makes sense to protect it from the sunís UV rays with Endrustís Vinyl, Leather & Plastic Protection (VIP). VIP also prevents staining to consoles and trims and also prevents leather staining plus keeping it supple, lengthening its life.
  • Both Endrust Fabric protection and VIP protection are odourless when dry.
  • As car interiors have a mixture of different trim types both are included in our interior protection option. This is backed up with Endrustís three year written warranty.


For a complete interior service call Endrust Geraldton on 9964 2372.


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