Armaglaze is not a polish. It is a patented chemical process which deeply penetrates and bonds to automotive paintwork. It will harden your paintwork to seal in both colour and shine in a bonded glass like finish, providing your vehicle with that famous diamond-bright brilliance.

This not only saves you time and money on regular polishing but keeps your car looking good.

Original depth of colour and sheen of your vehicle is retained with Armaglaze giving a durable protective barrier that helps prevent fading and shuns the threat of damage from air pollution, household chemicals, grime and dirt.

Armaglaze can be applied to older cars too as it locks in and protects the existing paint resins.

Armaglaze comes with a 3 year written warranty and can be reapplied under insurance in case of accident.

While Endrust Geraldton has many customers that are still pleased with their Armaglazed cars even after 10 years, generally a minor reapplication is recommended at the 3-5 year mark.

Endrust Geraldton will provide complimentary Space Age car-wash detergent (that should last you about a year) with each Armaglaze. About one wash every three months with Armaglaze Enhancer is recommended. This penetrates the Armaglaze and assists in maintaining the durable glass-like finish.

Even after years of use, a quick wash is all that will be needed to bring back that better than 'showroom' shine.


          The ARMAGLAZE process....


Although this Corolla had already been washed and masked, it was sent back to the wash bay for more. Care is taken at the start to make sure that the surface is properly prepared. Things like overspray, watermarks, rail dust and paint blemishes must be taken care of as any marks left will be locked in under the Armaglaze.

Given the nature of Armaglaze it should be hardly surprising to learn that great care is taken to keep it from treating the wrong things. Windows, rubber, some mouldings etc. need to be covered.

Your paintwork will be buffed with a superfine polish to remove minor scratches and blemishes.

Surfaces are checked for smoothness and are completely dried.

Armaglaze No1 coat is applied with heat as it needs to penetrate deeply into the paintwork and prepare the surface for the second coat.

The Armaglaze No2 coat is applied by hand which chemically mixes with the first coat as it goes on. This process is like many glues and epoxies found on today's market that require two parts in order to set to a hard finish. The car is hand polished to produce a high shine. As you can see, the car is gone over three times, making the average application take 4 hours.

The finished result speaks for itself.

This (green) car although treated years ago still has a glossy feel and is a pleasure to wash. My favourite test after Armaglazing a car is to watch a bottle slide off a nearly flat surface. When an Endrust Service is carried out on your Armaglazed vehicle, it receives a complimentary wash with Armaglaze Enhancer.

As Armaglaze seals the paintwork, it can be considered to be a rust protection, and is especially beneficial on 4WDs, and the like. We offer a mobile car cleaning service which can keep your car in pristine condition inside and out for those really busy people out there.




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