These Roobars are not for vehicles with an airbag, nor can a non-airbag compliant Roobar be fitted to a vehicle with a deactivated airbag due to legal reasons. Airbag compatable bars have different mounting brackets and crumple rates and due to more rigorous and stringent production testing cost a lot more. Airbag compatable roobars are known in this website as Frontal Protection bars

 Roobars come in steel (painted black) or alloy (unpolished) and are purchased mainly from Parkside Towbars, a Perth based manufacturer. Steel roobars allow additional modifications to be easily carried out if necessary, while alloy roobars offer a strong light-weight protection from kangaroo and small animal strikes.

 Roobars generally cost $400 fitted including wiring in additional indicators. (This is a Perth price+freight)

Holden Rodeo with alloy Roobar and indicator lights (as required by law)

Black coat dipped steel Roobar As you can see different sizes and layouts are built to suit different vehicles.

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