Here at Endrust we take rust protection for  your car seriously. Geraldton being a beachside town has a highly corrosive atmosphere and anyone who has been here for a little while knows how quickly rust can develop to unprotected vehicle. In order to protect your vehicle properly it needs a thorough job to be carried out.

 First the car is stripped of lights, bumpers, grill and other coverings that could limit the coating applied.

You can see in this shot that good access for our spray wands is available right up the inside of the guard and side panel. Inside the guard and to the left is the box sectioning which is the beginning of the cabin safety cell.

The wiper valley receives the windscreen runoff and commonly builds up a layer of leaf mould and mud over time..

Spare wheel + surrounding floor panels and coverings are removed as is the rear door panelling and sound protection. Basically we

follow a procedure for each car that allows maximum access to all areas of your vehicle.

Spare parts anyone?

A light-coloured topside wax-like covering is used to seal up all areas above the sill.  Topside is designed to be thin enough to spray into small crevice gaps and also thinly coat metal surfaces without allowing moisture penetration. 

seams, crevices, inside box sections and cross members

The front end receives special attention as this is the end that drives into Geraldton's  seaside weather. This Musso although well put together still benefits as the Endrust topside wax stops water and dust build-up in seams, metal to metal joins and other potential problem areas.

The doors receive a good coating. There is no substitute for being able to see exactly what you are doing. Any "rust proofer" who says you do not need to remove trims to do a good job is not worth wasting your time with.

Underneath, the vehicle is coated with Endrust's Bottomside Protection wax. This is a highly durable blend designed to set hard and resist chipping, flaking and abrasion

The under body of the car includes an internal chassis rail coating and leading edges and seams are coated twice to improve durability.

complete Reassembly and .....Voila! An Endrusted vehicle.


               Endrust offers a ten year warranty when this kind of Chemical rust proofing, Interior protection and Exterior paint protection (Armaglazing) is carried out. This warranty unlike many available rust warranties on the market, does transfer from owner to owner providing servicing is kept up. I can see no reason why a change of owner should invalidate a vehicles rust warranty. Warranty can be extended to life but a full internal inspection (and possibly retreatment) is necessary at the 10 year mark.

 Generally a small car chemically Endrusted costs in the vicinity of $675-$750, a mid size (Commodore/Falcon) $850 and a 4WD $750-$990 and a large 4WD $1295.

 Package deals are available and we offer our product demonstration car, a Ford Falcon for your free useage.*

*(40km free then 25c per km charge applies. If fuel cost less this charge would be less)



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