Using, mostly a western Australia manufacturer-Parkside Towbars, towbars are fitted to all vehicles here. Prices are competitive with Perth + freight (generally $40). So supplied and fitted prices start from (including properly soldered wiring not those useless fast connectors) $420 for light duty towbars and from $500 for heavy duty square box-tongue towbars. Fitting time is usually about 4 hours.

Here a magna sedan requires the rear bumper to be removed. Fitted price incl. wiring and ball $415


AU Falcon rear bumper removed, supplied, wired and fitted $435

Extra rust proofing can be applied to towbars for no extra charge. The catch is that the towbar needs an extra 2 hr fitting time for the Endrust protective wax to dry. (Must be requested at booking)

Here is a heavy duty square-tongue XR6 towbar that requires special fitting to accommodate the rear bumper bar. Care is taken to ensure that special fit jobs are done to an exacting standard. Price $550 fitted

If Parkside (our preferred supplier) does not have the towbar you are after do not fret as Endrust Geraldton deals with many other companies including dealers and may still be able to source your towbar at a competitive fitted price.





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