The minimum rust protection needed for any vehicle is Endrust's Underbody Protection sealant. This looks after the side of your car that is usually the least protected but actually puts up with the most abuse.

Dust, mud, road grime, salts etc coat the underside of your car as you drive, (even over dry roads) trapping in moisture and allowing the beginning of the rusting process.

Geraldton well known for its close proximity to the ocean and strong winds, has higher than average air-bourn pollutants (even to areas well away from the coast) meaning that vehicles here deteriorate faster than in other places.

Endrust's Underbody rust-proofing is designed to give a tough durable resistance to these pollutants and other abrasives. it sets to a thixitropically (that is to a 95%) hard coating that resists chipping and flaking. It is applied to the under-panels, seams and joins under your vehicle. A second wax is used to coat the insides of chassis rails and cross-members.

Protecting the Under-body of your car is an excellent complementary process to the CAT Electronic Rust Protection System (ERPS)

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