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La- thyros (Greek): to excite

The legume genus Lathyrus L. (chickling vetches, flat peas) contains several species which are of agricultural and horticultural interest

Lathyrus and Lathyrism Newsletter

Grain legumes for animal feed     in: Neglected Crops: 1492 from a Different Perspective—J.E. Hernándo Bermejo and J. León (eds.)

Lathyrus sativus
        New Crops (Purdue) links New Crops (Purdue) Fact sheet on L. sativus
        Die Saatplatterbse (L. sativus) in German
        FAO compiled data -Feeding value [needs updating]


World Economic Plants in GRIN
                  Lathyrus cicera L.
                  Lathyrus clymenum L
                  Lathyrus hirsutus L.
                  Lathyrus sativus L.

Lathyrus maritimus
    The beach pea of Salmon Grove

Genetic Resources    if it isn't here try a search in Google

        List of Lathyrus species in GRIN [with links to ILDIS]
            ILDIS gateway to taxonomic information on all Lathyrus species

Grass Pea Lathyrus sativus IPGRI Neglected Crops Series
Lathyrus Genetic Resources in Asia
Lathyrus Genetic Resources Network  IPGRI-ICARDA-ICAR Regional Working Group Meeting

Lathyrus bibliographic database CD

Sample 1 Lathyrus & cattle

    Bibliographies Australian New Crops ex Biological Abstracts database (1988-2000).
                      Lathyrus ochrus
                      Lathyrus cicera
                      Lathyrus sativus

                      Lathyrus tuberosus [weed literature only]
                      Lathyrus pubescens
                      Lathyrus latifolius
                      Lathyrus maritimus


Lathyrism bibliography pre 1970 PDF

Lathyrism bibliography post 1969 PDF

Non compressive Myelopathies Review article (2000) Indian Academy of Clinical Medicine

Background information about lathyrism and current efforts: to eliminate toxicity from the seeds of Lathyrus sativus
Detoxifying Desert's Manna: Science News Online, July 29, 2000
When Drought Reigns, Diets Can Turn Poisonous, Science News Online Dec. 13, 2003
Famine in Afghanistan, threat of a new lathyrism epidemic?
New cases of Lathyrism in Afghanistan !

Australian research on Lathyrus crops
Papers on Lathyrus presented at the Australian Agronomy Conference
Lathyrus a new grain legume [in Australia] Report to Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation

Pest and Disease Resistance
Host plant resistance to Orobanche in various crops

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