Translations and notes:

German, French and Spanish publications related to vetches and their toxicity

The following list provides links to papers which were translated, some more completely than others, in conjunction with research into the economic botany of vetches and their toxicity. Most of these were prepared in order to communicate with my PhD supervisor Dr. Max E. Tate and other colleagues. My English hopefully has improved since the first translations were prepared. References to independant translations for some of these papers can also be found in the USDA Agricola database. Thorough editing of these translations with a fine-toothed comb needs to wait and can be done if demand exists. Please, provide feed back about the utility of these documents.

Vicia species

Hegi, G and Gams, H. (1924) Hegi, G. (Author/Editor). Illustrierte Flora von Mitteleuropa. München: Lehmann. Vol. 4(3): Vicia L. pp. 1506-1562.

Clémont-Mullet, I.-J. (1866) Le livre de l'agriculture D'Ibn-Al-Awam (Kitab Al-Felahah). Transl. from Arabic. Paris: Lib. A. Franck. Vol. II (1)(Chap. XXI): p. 87 (held at Rothamstedt library).

Vicia faba

Hanelt, P. (1972) Zur Geschichte des Anbaues von Vicia faba L. und ihrer verschiedenen Formen. [About the cultivation history of Vicia faba and its various forms] Kulturpflanze, 20: 209-223.

Vicia narbonensis

Schäfer, H. I. (1973) Zur Taxonomie der Vicia narbonensis Gruppe. Kulturpflanze, 21: 211-73.

Schäfer's (1973) key to Vicia section faba

Mateo-Box, J. M. (1961) Vicia narbonensis in: Leguminosas de grano. Barcelona: Ed. Salvat.

Vicia johannis

Scheibe, A. (1934) Über Vorkommen und Nutzungsweise der Wilderbse (Pisum elatius Stev.) und der 'Wildbohne' (Vicia narbonensis var. intermedia Strobl) in Anatolien. [The occurrence and utilization of the wild pea (Pisum elatius Stev.) and the 'wild bean' (Vicia narbonensis var. intermedia Strobl) in Anatolia]. Züchter, 6 (10): 234-240.

Vicia toxicity

Danckwortt, P. W. (1935) Die Giftigkeit und die Fluorescenz von Wickensamen. Zeitschr. F. Untersuchung Der Lebensmittel, 69 (5): 458-463.


Tschiersch, B. (1962) Zur toxischen Wirkung der Jackbohne. Pharmazie, 17: 621-623.

Veni, Vidi, Vicia

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