Group Settlement in Western Australia

On this page is the links to my transcription of records of Group Settlement in Western Australia.
I would like to point out that I found numerous mistakes in the original document and I have not corrected them.
I will accept corrections for any of my mistakes but not of the original document.
There are also a number of entries that are out of context alphabetically. If you dont find who you think should be there, it would be worth using the "search" facility in Adobe.

The first link is the list of migrants that came to Australia with the Group Settlement Scheme. The contents range is from 1921 - 1928.
The second list is of Australians and non-approved migrants on groups at 30/7/1929.

Alphabetical list of all approved migrants sent to groups, with particulars of sailing, establishment , family and whether still on groups.
Group Settlement List Part 1 (A)
(PDF 603kb)
(Please be aware that this is a large file and may take time to open, depending on your internet conection speed)

Australians and non-approved migrants on groups at 30/6/1929
Group Settlement List Part 1 (B)
(PDF 125kb)
(This file was very difficult to transcribe and may have errors, particularly in the persons initials. I am happy to make corrections if needed.)

The records are Copyright of The National Archives and are transcribed with permission;
The digital images of these transcriptions can be found under
Development Western Australia - Group Settlement.
Series No A786 X22/5 Part 1.
At the National Archives site. National Archives record search

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