The Balbarrup Cemetery's

This page is about the two cemetery's located in "Balbarrup", which was the first area settled in the district, before the Manjimup town was developed.

Balbarrup Pioneer Cemetery

The Old Balbarrup Pioneer Cemetery

This was the first cemetery in the Manjimup area and it is situated on the east side of the Wilgarrup River on Perup Road, about 7 kilometers from the Manjimup town site. Legend has it that the cemetery was started there after 2 men, who were camped on the site one night, suffocated after having lit a fire in their tent to keep warm.

The Giblettís and Muirís of Dingup, Balbarrup and Fernhill, and other early settlers in the area, are buried in this cemetery. Possibly the earliest burial after the two unknown men was John Giblett Jnr - who died in 1862. The latest recorded burial was for Ethel Thompson (who was a Deeside Muir) in 1979.

Some of the graves have traditional headstones and graves, while others are marked by small cement, stone or metal markers. These later ones are not easily read or found.

There is a Memorial Cairn with a brass plaque commemorating the early pioneers of the district and this lists those early settlers and their children that are known to buried there.

The cemetery was moved further from the river and up on to the hill on the other side after concern was raised about the possible pollution to the river.

Balbarrup Pioneer Cemetery Records (PDF 12kb)

Balbarrup Cemetery

View of Balbarrup Cemetery

The Balbarrup Cemetery was the next cemetery to be used in the Manjimup district. There are people from the old timber mill settlements of Jardanup and Number 1 Mill buried here, along with farming and town families.

This cemetery is still in use today and is situated on Perup Road - on the town side of the river - about 1km before you get to the Pioneer cemetery. It is close to the original Giblett homestead, where John Giblett settled with his family, on what is now known as Balbarrup Road.

A number of the grave sites in this cemetery have been damaged and others have no memorial on them. This cemetery does not have grave number markers on the grave sites.
The earliest burial seems to have been Enid Maud Giblett in 1905 and the latest to date was Ian Morgan in 2003.

Balbarrup Cemetery Records (PDF 35kb)

Combined Balbarrup Cemetery's Records (PDF 37kb)

**I have combined both cemetery's records in this pdf file.
The ID column shows which cemetery the grave is located in. i.e. (BPC is Balbarrup Pioneer Cemetery) and (BC is Balbarrup Cemetery).

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