Manjimup Old Cemetery

Manjimup Old Cemetery entrance

Manjimup Old Cemetery is situated on the South West Highway just to the south of the Manjimup townsite. There are no grave number markers on the unmarked graves in this cemetery so you need to refer to the location map - located in the information building - for reference about site location.

The cemetery was founded in the early 1920s by Frank Bourne (who was the first person buried there in 1922). There is a plaque to commemorate his life, erected at the entrance of the Niche Wall, at this cemetery. (See Below) This cemetery is nearly full now but is still in use with some sites remaining available.

The inscription on this plaque reads

This Plaque is to commemorate the life of
He was the founder of this cemetery
in the early 1920s and was the first
person to be buried here
in September 1922.

"Donated and erected by the Bourne family decendants."

Manjimup Old Cemetery Records (PDF 242kb)

Manjimup Old Cemetery Niche Wall

The Niche Wall in this cemetery has been recently extended and now contains 3 double sided walls. The gardens are beautifully laid out and the walls are situated on the top side of the Old Cemetery grounds. In the front of the photo you can see the position of the Frank Bourne memorial plaque.

Manjimup Old Cemetery Niche Wall Records (PDF 17.9kb)

Combined Manjimup Old Cemetery Records (PDF 246kb)
*The ID column shows which part of the cemetery the grave is located in.
i.e. (MOC is Manjimup Old Cemetery) and (MONW is Manjimup Old Niche Wall).

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Manjimup Old Cemetery
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