Manjimup Lawn Cemetery

Manjimup Lawn Cemetery Entrance

Manjimup Lawn Cemetery was founded in early 1991 as the result of lack of space in what is now called The Old Cemetery. The Lawn Cemetery is located just off the Muir Highway on Crouch Street - to the east of the CALM Offices, near the industrial area of the town.
There are 3 separate sections to this cemetery to cater for a range of services to the district residents. There are no formal grave markers on grave sites though some of the headstones have the location number on them.

Manjimup Lawn Cemetery

Manjimup Lawn Cemetery Records (PDF 42.5kb)

Manjimup Lawn Cemetery - Traditional Section

This section of the new Manjimup Lawn cemetery is for the more traditional type of grave and headstone. It is situated just above the Lawn section and is behind the entrance building and Niche wall.

Manjimup Lawn Traditional Section Records (PDF 10.6kb)

Manjimup Lawn Cemetery - Niche Wall

The Niche Wall for this cemetery is located at the rear of the main entrance building.

Manjimup Lawn Niche Wall Records (PDF 10.5kb)

Combined Manjimup Lawn Cemetery Records (PDF 48kb)

*The ID column shows which part of the cemetery the grave is located in.
i.e. (MLC is Manjimup Lawn Cemetery) the (MLTS is Manjimup Lawn Traditional Section) and (MLNW is Manjimup Lawn Niche Wall).

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Manjimup Lawn Cemetery
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