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The Pemberton Cemetery was founded in the early 1920's with the earliest grave memorial remaining being for Wallace Thomson, who was buried on the 20th Dec 1920 in the Anglican section. Almost all the graves in this cemetery have grave number makers and the sites are easy to find. The Cemetery was initially divided into 3 sections; Catholic, Methodist and Anglican - which are now full - and a new Non Denominational section has been added to the South of the original site.

The graves without headstones are in the process of being restored by the Cemetery Committee, with the assistance of the RSL, and there is now a white cross marking each grave. The Cemetery Committee is also working on upgrading and correcting the records for the Shire Council and are to be commended for their wonderful work.

Pemberton Cemetery is situated at the end of Dickinson Road - not far from the Fine Timbercraft Gallery and it is a peaceful place, surrounded by trees.
In the information center I found the following inscription.

This is a Cemetery

Lives are commemorated here, deaths are recorded,
Families are reunited, memories are made tangible,
and Love is undisguised...

In a Cemetery... communities accord respect, families bestow love,
historians seek information and our heritage is thereby enriched.

Testimonies of devotion, pride and remembrance
are engraved in stone to pay warm tribute to the accomplishments,
and to the life - not the death - of the loved one.

The Cemetery is the homeland for memorials
that are a sustaining source of comfort to the living.

The Cemetery is a history of people, the record of yesterday,
and a sanctuary of peace and quiet today.

The Cemetery is all this because every life is worth loving and remembering

Pemberton Cemetery Records (PDF 92.4kb)

Pemberton Niche Wall

The Niche Wall is situated in the Pemberton Cemetery information building and was erected by the residents of Pemberton, with the assistance of the Green family. The Wall was dedicated on the 19th November 1993 and there is a plaque thanking the Green Family for their contribution to the wall.

Pemberton Cemetery Niche Wall Records (PDF 7.51kb)

Combined Pemberton Cemetery and Niche Wall Records (PDF 95.5kb)

*The ID column shows which part of the cemetery the grave is located in. i.e. (PC is Pemberton Cemetery) and (PNW is Pemberton Niche Wall).

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