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The Northcliffe Pioneer Cemetery is situated on Cemetery Road - just to the east of the townsite. It is a Pioneer Cemetery and is still being used today. Northcliffe has a Cemetery committee who has been responsible for extensive restoration work. This has resulted in a beautifully maintained cemetery which is a credit to the town.

Almost all the graves in this cemetery have grave markers and there is a section that contains the early pioneers of the area. All known graves have been marked with a rock surround and a tile plaque (named) where there is no headstone.

** Please note that I unfortunately missed recording 2 rows in this Cemetery and will update this as soon as I can return to Northcliffe.**

Northcliffe Pioneer Cemetery Records (PDF 37.9kb)

Northcliffe Pioneer Cemetery Niche Wall and Garden.

Northcliffe has a new Niche Wall and a Memorial garden wall which has memorials embedded in it. The walls are situated near the center of the cemetery grounds.

Northcliffe Niche Wall Records (PDF 7.51kb)

Combined Northcliffe Pioneer Cemetery and Niche Wall Records (PDF 39kb)

*The ID column shows which part of the cemetery the grave is located in. i.e. (NPC is Northcliffe Pioneer Cemetery) and (NPCNW is Northcliffe Pioneer Cemetery Niche Wall).

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