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Per my posting to Hastro-L, 31 October 2018. Please do not remove source credit tag. Explanation of source was included in posting to Hastro-L, to avoid misappropriation/voiding of credit for photograph.

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Per my posting to Hastro-L, 21 December 2017. "Judgment Against the Testimony of Astronomy" (The Ecclesiastical Review, Volume XLVIII, Number 2, February, 1913, Pages 222-225) based on January 1913 German-language article by Johann Hagen in Stimmen aus Maria-Laach. Report of rejection by judge of astronomical evidence in a 1910 American criminal trial. The Jesuit astronomer Johann Hagen was later to become the director of the new Vatican Observatory.

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Per my posting to Hastro-L, 25 July 2017. Reasonable photograph (my copy of the book is too fragile to photocopy) of poorly scanned illustration on page 164 of Antike Himmelsbilder by Georg Thiele (1898) that is downloadable from as PDF file at